10 Biggest Betrayals in The History of Comics

10 Biggest Betrayals in The History of Comics: Comics have been entertaining us for decades and have given us some of the most memorable and iconic characters.

Wally West Frames Booster Gold And Harley Quinn

Heroes In Crisis has become one of the most criticized events in DC Comics history, with many fans perceiving DC as the betrayer rather than the formerly beloved character.

Tony Stark Puts A Target On Unregistered Heroes

One of the primary reasons why fans have a negative opinion of the Civil War comic is due to Tony Stark’s actions. While Tony Stark is widely regarded as a hero in the MCU.

Captain America Hails Hydra

The alteration of character motivations to unsatisfying endings of arcs, such as the shock of Captain America’s infamous utterance of “Hail Hydra”.

Black Widow Frames Thor And Tortures Tony Stark

She set up Thor as the culprit in the murder and took the life of Tony Stark’s butler Jarvis. To add insult to injury, she even subjected her own fiancé.

Doctor Strange Erases Captain America’s Memory

It’s not surprising that a secret organization would misuse their authority. Initially, the Illuminati in the Marvel universe consisted of brilliant individuals such as Tony Stark, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange.

Atomica Double-Crosses Everyone

The New 52 featured a mix of classic heroes with fresh twists and new characters, such as Atomica. This female take on the Atom was a member of the Justice League.

Atomica Double-Crosses Everyone

Batman’s plans, intended to neutralize the Justice League should they ever turn against society, were stolen by the villain Ra’s Al Ghul.

Quicksilver Starts House Of M

Quicksilver, known for his heroic deeds, has a questionable past with a long history of shady actions. Despite his past heroism, he has been involved in several treacherous acts.

Jason Todd’s Mom Gives Him Up To The Joker

DC has a history of breaking families apart. One of the most memorable examples is in the comic Death In The Family where Batman and Robin, Jason Todd, embark on a journey to locate.

Zatanna and Others Erase Batman’s Memory

Amongst the numerous shocking discoveries, Jean Loring’s insanity was one of the most significant. Prior to Jean taking Sue’s life,