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Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics

Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics

Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics: Women’s roles in comics were initially limited to wife, girlfriends, damsels in distress, and the rare villain. While superheroes like The Phantom, Batman, and Superman were saving the world in the 1930s, their female counterparts were mostly just doing their civic duty. The decision was taken to see if anyone would actually read a comic book featuring a female superhero in the 1940s when characters like Wonder Woman and Black Canary broke onto the scene. The prevailing belief at the time was that women lacked the strength, ability, and capacity to stand on their own as heroes.

Although there were a few capable female superheroes in the early decades, it wasn’t until the exciting story arcs of the 1970s and 1980s that alternate versions of male superheroes ensured there would be more female superheroes all over the place. The She-Hulk, for example, possessed transforming abilities that set her apart from The Hulk, and in many other respects, female superheroes were more powerful than their male counterparts. Ironically, they could really regulate their emotions and egos (X-23 vs Logan).

Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics


Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics – X-23

In addition to being a female superhero, X-23 is a true female clone of Wolverine. Top secret programs are constantly carrying out perilous experiments because they don’t know when to quit playing God, even if those experiments involve brainwashing and torturing youngsters. She was brought up in captivity to be the ultimate combat machine and poisoned with radiation to hasten the growth of her mutant gene. She was the sole replacement for Wolverine in All-New Wolverine after he was murdered by Marvel in the Death of Wolverine series. She also made her big-screen debut in the 2017 film Logan, in which Logan was tasked with protecting her when she left the laboratory as a young girl. Logan’s body had started to deteriorate, and she had shown herself to be stronger and more powerful than him.


Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics – Polaris

Lorna Dane inherited all of Magneto’s abilities because she was the illegitimate love child of a mortal lady and Magneto. The family was traveling in a small plane when her mortal father confronted her mother about the affair. In an effort to calm her parents down, she used an eruption of her magnetic powers, which caused the plane to crash and her parents died. Despite the death of her parents, she lived. She employed her skills, which attracted Magneto, but he erased her memory since he didn’t want to expose their familial connection. She enrolled in Xavier’s mutant academy and adopted her initial code name, Magnetrix after Cerebro discovered that she had mutant talents. When an organism gained control of her mind and when Apocalypse offered her a job as one of his horsemen, she became known as Malice and Pestilence, respectively.


Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics – Rescue

Fans may have forgotten about Rescue as Pepper Potts when reading about Iron Heart, the young genius with an insane IQ who recently gained control of the Iron Suit. Following the events of the “World War Hate” narrative, Tony Stark went above and beyond his usual levels of insufferable egotism and selfishness, even resuming his reckless drinking. Pepper Potts changed into an outfit Tony made especially for her and assumed the identity of Rescue. Her chest-implanted Repulsor Tech node functions as a kind of sixth sense, allowing her to interact with various energies and forces through a link to her brain. She possesses a faster metabolism, superhuman strength, quick reflexes, and intelligence. She made the superior use of the suit because she possesses all of Iron Man’s other capabilities and none of Tony Stark’s personal weaknesses.

Lady punisher

Lady punisher

Lynn Michaels, a police officer who had previously collaborated with Frank Castle to eradicate organised crime, temporarily assumed the role of The Punisher. She got a taste of the vigilante life during one of their joint investigations of a serial rapist. The no holds barred approach suited her because the formalities of the police force occasionally prevented her from obtaining the justice she desired. She became the Lady Punisher after she thought Frank Castle had sacrificed himself to bomb a mobster-infested building. She had quite the run in the 1990s wiping down all kinds of low-life criminal filth while wearing a long leather jacket and a skull-marked bustier. Eventually, she went on to become a deep cover agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. after an old co-worker revealed her true identity to the mob.


Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics – Guardian

Canada invented Guardian, their equivalent of Captain America because America can’t have every great superhero. The Canadian flag’s red, white, and maple leaf were painted on her. She was the former spouse of the a scientist and engineer in the petrochemical industry who had created a luxury-powered exoskeleton suit for himself. He served as the captain of Alpha Flight, Canada’s X-Men/Avengers. When Canada’s canuck sadly died and his wife Heather Hudson wore his arboreal outfit, Guardian got her start. When Wolverine declined her invitation to join Alpha Flight, she erupted into extremely un-Canadian wrath and attempted to kill him. She is far harder-core than her spouse, and she helped popularise his persona outside of Canada.


Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics – Aquagirl

Aquagirl’s debut was based solely on Aqualad, the tenacious sidekick who served as Aquaman’s first sidekick. She initially appeared as Lisa Morel in Adventure Comics as an Atlantean infant who mysteriously couldn’t breathe underwater. Later, when Aquaman was in danger, she gained her water-breathing and telepathic abilities. The more well-known Aquagirl is Mareena, who plays the Aquaman’s daughter in the animated series Justice League Unlimited. She wears a sleek black outfit, has pastel green hair, and aquamarine eyes, and possesses all of his superpowers, including hydrokinesis and telepathy.


Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics – Thor

Even the powerful Thor once thought that he was unable to wield Mjolnir, and while he moped around Earth, a strange woman took over his superhero responsibilities. She wasn’t the same person as Thor Girl, a character who transformed into an Asgardian goddess and vowed to be Thor’s devoted ally, as depicted in Thor: Tears of the Gods. The identity of the mysterious new Thor was eventually revealed to be none other than his long-lost love Jane Foster, who had taken up Mjolnir while battling cancer and gained all of Thor’s abilities. Since she demonstrated that she was just as resilient on the inside as she was on the outside, Thor granted her his blessing.



Batman, to be clear, does not possess any superpowers, but he is incredibly intelligent and affluent. So technically anyone with those advantages could become Batman. Katherine is a wealthy, powerful, charismatic woman who enjoys spending her evening’s slaying criminals in Gotham. Katherine was motivated by Batman to become a vigilante, much like the only other female Robin, Carrie Kelly. She made effective use of her vast resources by launching a campaign against crime while wearing a cloak and cowl reminiscent of the Dark Knight. She filled in for Batman while he was gone when the “Infinite Crisis” plot was first established in 2005. In sharp contrast to Bruce, Katherine is quite outspoken about her Jewish heritage and lesbian status, which implies that she has real connections to things. She is less egotistical and emotionally comatose than Bruce Wayne because of her sensitivity and ability to connect with others.


Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics – She-hulk

She-Hulk (actual name Jessica Walters) is a member of a superhuman family. She received an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin (An Avenger) Bruce Banner, after being injured. Jessica Walters was a reserved and scholarly individual in her everyday life who relished the self-assurance, aggressiveness, and power she was given in her She-Hulk form. The form eventually became irreversible, which she adored. Her superhero pedigree demonstrates that she has been a member of both


Top 10 Female Version Of Male Superheroes From Comics – Supergirl

Despite frequently being overshadowed by the heritage of her family, Supergirl is currently enjoying success thanks to her current, well-watched television series. Kara Zor-El, the legendary cousin of Superman, managed to flee Krypton before it blew up, and she has appeared in various forms over the years. Supergirl metabolizes yellow sunlight more quickly than Superman does, contrary to the popular belief that she lacks Superman’s ability because he holds back from using it. Kara can maintain her composure and focus even if Superman must take care not to kill anyone nearby while she goes all out to subdue her opponents. Despite the fact that her story arc was finished just before the Supergirl television series debuted, it has been very successful since she has been a part of the Rebirth series.

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