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Top 10 Book Review and Rating Sites in 2021

Top 10 Book Review and Rating Sites in 2021

Here are top 10 book review and rating sites in 2021

There are many places and services to turn for book recommendations on the internet. Most are simple and free and best of all, they’ll help prevent that feeling of reader’s regret, when you get home from the book store or library, start reading and realize that you’ve just wasted your time and possibly your money on a boring book in which you have no interest in reading. The solution is to check out a few book review sites before you go to the shops.


Goodreads is one of the leading online services for book lovers. Goodreads makes recommendations based on what you have already read or even based on what your friends are reading. Goodreads also highlights what is trending and new releases that are coming out. Users can build virtual bookshelves and lists. Sometimes there is even Q and A with authors.


GoBookMart is an ecommerce and book review website. It publishes articles on dozens of different topics, such as the best books in a month, etc. The website has a wide range of book collections. Users can shop books from the website and even publish a book review.


On LibraryThing users can add books to catalogue and get recommendations based on what you have read. Users can participate in groups and discussions and also see featured authors and new books.


Bookish is quite different from other book review sites. Bookish site is best for book clubs. It offers discussion guides, book quizzes and book games. It also offers editorial content in the form of author interviews, opinion essays, book recommendations, reading challenges and even giveaways.

Book Riot:

Book Riot is a site that has a list for everything, from timeless authors to top books in each genre. It also has a wide range of reviews for books. Book Riot also has different podcasts to choose from and listen to about everything related to books.


LoveReading site is divided into fiction and non fiction books. It publishes weekly staff picks, book of month, debut of month, e books of month and audio books of the month. Each book on the list has a review that users can read.

Book Page:

Book page features all kinds of genres from children’s books to non-fiction, from famous renowned authors to debut authors and much more. It also features author interviews and articles.

What Should I Read Next is streamlined and easy. Users can read reviews and articles based on book they have searched. The site is able curate recommendations similar to the books that the user has searched.

Kirkus Reviews:

Kirkus has been involved in writing and producing reviews since the 1930s. The site critiques of the week’s best selling books. There are book reviews and best of book list of many categories and genres.

NPR Books

NPR is basically a news website and have a separate news sections for books where they talk about books and review latest release books

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