By : Neil Gaiman

The feeling of fear and horror are the prime feelings that hover in the minds of humans. The Sandman by Neil Gaiman is an audiobook that transforms its listeners into the world of black and grey. The dreams in this world are black and the listeners experience the scary side. The story begins with the Senior Curator, John Hathaway who works in The Royal Museum, England, and with the turn of events in the story, the listeners are clutching at different speed meters. The spine-chilling experience of the listeners is sketched amazingly by the author through the medium of his book.

The turn of events in the story is gripping for the listeners and transports them into a world of the unknown. The supernatural elements of the narrative are also interesting for the listeners and for sure the author goes beyond the pages and gives his listeners a platter of wonderful delicacies that are worth tasting. The unique approach of the author is indeed appreciable and the listeners encounter the roller-coaster ride of emotions from the beginning of the write-up till the end.

The hint of realism makes the story intriguing for the listeners to stick to the narration of the book until the end. The narrator of the story has worked hard to keep the readers entertained and the narrative is an epic read. The touch of the unreal but believable characters of the story are commendable and amazingly embedded in the plot. The LORD OF DESTRUCTION that is, Lucifer is also made a part of the plot, which is interesting for the listeners to look forward to. It is a great book that gives a jolt to the listeners and keeps them adhering to their chairs.

The Sandman is a fantabulous book that is indeed worth possessing and through the wordings of the plot, the genius of the author is depicted for the new and fresh authors to learn from.

Happy Reading!!!