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Six Weeks to Live: By Catherine McKenzie | Twisted, Well-Plotted, Psychological Thriller

By Anurag Anand
4 out of 5

Six Weeks to Live By Catherine McKenzie is a twisted, well-plotted, psychological thriller. This is the kind of domestic drama that grabs your attention and you can’t put it down. Not until you get to the end and you keep on guessing all the way. The story of this novel takes place in Surrey, British Columbia (Canada). The chapters are divided into parts like (six weeks to live, five weeks to live, four weeks to live…).

Six Weeks to Live By Catherine McKenzie | Twisted, Well-Plotted, Psychological Thriller

Jennifer, with her sickness and her alarming mysteries, is the ideal unreliable storyteller. She has only distain for Jake the spouse who she refuses to divorce. Her lover is lost without a trace at a far off retreat, her closest friend is briefly out of the picture, her mom is flighty, and her relationship with her three daughters is rough.

Her daughters are triplets, two identical and one fraternal, who resent being pushed into the spotlight at a youthful age. Aline, a researcher, and her indistinguishable twin Miranda, who lacks direction, sympathize for their dad. While Emily, who looks like her mom is Team Jennifer. However, even Emily is doubtful that Jennifer was purposefully poisoned. It makes the reader think about whether Jennifer is mixed up or somehow at fault.

I was delighted by this thrilling ride and it’s message that everybody has mysteries, and everybody lies. Everybody’s point of view is skewed. The differences in one’s viewpoint is shown perfectly by the three lady’s diverse interpretation of their childhood.

I liked Bea, Jennifer’s mom, who pleasantly showed what her future might have been as Bea flourished in old age. I additionally loved Suzie, whose three-week European get-away implied that she’d miss basically 50% of Jennifer’s last days. The solid, standout characters in the book are all female.

Definitely recommend the book. Six Weeks to Live By Catherine McKenzie was a great mystery/thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. I look forward to reading more novels by Catherine McKenzie.

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