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Secret Invasion (2008) #3 | Booklicious Podcast | Episode 30

Secret Invasion (2008) #3 | Booklicious Podcast | Episode 30

Secret Invasion (2008) #3 | Booklicious Podcast | Episode 30

Welcome back to the Secret Invasion podcast, where we dive deep into the third comic of this thrilling series. Today, we will be discussing issue three, where the action kicks into high gear with a SHIELD helicarrier falling into the ocean, leaving its crew in a desperate situation.

Deputy Commander Hill orders the crew to grab their weapons and move towards the flight deck. But things take a wild turn when one of the SHIELD members stands beside a fighter jet and asks them to surrender.

Secret Invasion (2008) #3 | Booklicious Podcast | Episode 30

The situation quickly escalates, leaving the crew in a dangerous spot. Meanwhile, on Thunderbolt Mountain, Norman Osborn and his team are under attack, and Osborn is left confused about the reason for the assault.

Osborn: “What’s going on? Why are they attacking us?”

As the Skrulls invade Earth, the New Avengers gear up for a fight to save the planet. However, they are not fully aware of the alien threat.

New Avengers: “We need to fight. We need to protect our world.”

But their bravery comes at a cost, and many young Avengers sacrifice their lives in the chaos of Times Square.

Iron Man, meanwhile, is in the Savage Land, trying to build a new suit to fight the Skrulls after an alien virus attacks his Iron Man suit system. But he is in for a shock when Jessica Kill Echo and reveals that he is a Skrull.

Iron Man: “What? That’s not possible. I’m human.”

Jessica: “No, you’re not. Your task on Earth is over. You need to leave and stop fighting.”

Iron Man was made to believe that he was human and positioned himself as the most important person among Earth people. But his true identity has been exposed, leaving him questioning everything he knows.

That’s all for today’s episode of the Secret Invasion podcast. Join us next time as we explore issue four of this thrilling series.

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