A love of reading books does not have any limitations or rules. Books are available in the form of print, e-books and audiobooks. Even people who love reading books can have a hard time finding the opportunity to read. Therefore, many rely on audiobooks which are a good alternative to reading. You can listen to a bestseller while cleaning up the house or on their way to work. However, listening to a book is really not the same as reading one. So which is better books or audiobooks?

Reading a book and listening to audiobooks are two different things with the same objective. Each creates a different experience and memory. While reading your brain imagines the characters’ sounds of the voices, the scene, the deeper meaning and the plot. On audiobooks this is easy to do while listening to the narrator. While listening to an audiobook you don’t have to worry about re-reading it because it is much easier to get the gist of what someone said or meant compared to when you are reading. We all have grown up by listening to stories read to us by our teachers and parents and audiobooks can also be great for children.

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Reading can enhance your word recognition ability and listening to an audiobook can expand your vocabulary. Audiobooks can invoke more emotional response to the book. As listening to a voice portray all the emotions, such as hurt, anger or even sarcasm, etc. makes it a social experience. Reading, on the other, is a personal experience. While reading you use your inner voice for creating and imagining everything that is in the book. It is easy to multi-task while listening to an audiobook. Audiobooks help busy readers read more whether they are doing household chores, working out, driving or travelling by public transport.

Audiobooks work best when the task does not require too much attention. Reading a book is a great way to pass time while you are travelling by plane, train or even while you are in a waiting room. Audiobooks gives its listeners a sense of anonymity. On audiobooks you can listen to science-fiction, non-fiction, horror, romance, even a self-help book or any other genre and no one will know. Reading a book in public, lets the world know what you are reading. This usually results in two things: you might end up finding a new book friend, or you will be judged by a stranger or even your friend.

Although it does not matter because ultimately reading is fun. While reading it is possible to get the pronunciations of the names of the characters or places in the books wrong. In audiobooks, the narrator will tell you how to pronounce the names of the characters and places exactly. Nowadays, there are books that are narrated by some celebrities such as Elisabeth Moss narrates the audiobook of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood, or Meryl Streep narrates Heartburn by Nora Ephron.

There are also authors who narrate their own books. For example: Michelle Obama narrated her book ‘Becoming’. Now people can listen to their favorite celebrities or authors narrate books. Another good thing about books is that you can share or exchange books with your friends or anyone. You can take a perfect aesthetic photo of a book for your #bookstagram. There are now apps like Audible that allow you to share short clips of audiobooks. You can share a clip or a screenshot. In audiobooks the tone of the narrator gives much more meaning to the written word.

When audiobooks were first invented, many readers thought them to be less interesting than real books. However, as the time progressed audiobooks have flourished. While many still read books, more and more people are getting interested in audiobooks. Just like books, audiobooks are entertaining, educational and helpful. So which is better, books or audiobooks? Both. They are better in their own way.

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