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Most Anticipated Debut Novels of June 2021 | Books By New Authors

By Sakshi Nadkarni

We will see the arrival of some of the most anticipated novels, and some books by New Authors in June 2021. Spanning across genres and nationalities, these books include a diverse range of characters and interesting, off-beat storylines. Today, we’ve made a list of the best and most anticipated debut novels of June 2021.

Ace of Spades by Faridah Abike Iyimide (1st June)

Most Anticipated Debut Novels of June 2021 (Ace of Spades by Faridah Abike Iyimide)

This novel is a blend of new adult, queer, thriller, dark academia and mystery fiction. What else could you possibly need in a book? To top it off, it dives deep into the issues of institutionalized racism and queer rights. Set in an academy where everyone and everything seems perfect, the story follows a host of characters as an anonymous texter, Ace begins publicizing their deepest secrets.

Shoko’s Smile by Choi Eun young (1st June)

books by New Authors in June 2021 (Shoko’s Smile by Choi Eun young)

This is a collection of short stories, depicting the life of young women in South Korea. The author deftly balances intimate personal stories with the unique political story. The titular story delves into the relationship between an exchange student and her host’s sister as they mature. Another story, titled “A Sing from Afar” follows a recent widow who travels to Russia to find out about more about her husband. In a third story, “Secret,” the parents of a dead teacher keep the news of her death a secret from her grandmother. This eclectic lot of stories reflects on human relationships, from a female perspective.

Bewilderness by Karen Tucker (1st June)

Most Anticipated Debut Novels of June 2021 (Bewilderness by Karen Tucker)

This stunning portrait of drug abuse and intimate friendships follows Irene and Luce as they live their life as wild and free girls in rural North Carolina. As their shenanigans continue, the girls become bound by a wonderful friendship. However, their friendship suffers a fatal blow when Luce falls in love and gets a boyfriend who helps her come clean. Together, Luce and her boyfriend start a new life together in Florida, leaving Irene behind. This riveting contemporary literary fiction is definitely one to watch out for!

Assembly by Natasha Brown (3rd June)

books by New Authors in June 2021 (Assembly by Natasha Brown)

This short, crisp but extremely sharp and hard-hitting novel is the story of a young Black American woman who attends a party thrown by her rich white boyfriend and his family. From career problems and promotions in her finance job to racial prejudices, Brown writes prose that is succinct but impactful, we’re told. This one’s highly recommended by prolific writer Avni Doshi, and is on our TBR too!

Moth by Melody Razak (8th June)

Most Anticipated Debut Novels of June 2021 (Moth by Melody Razak)

Set in Delhi during India’s partition, ‘Moth’ probes into the life of a Brahmin family reeling from the independence and partition. Surrounded by political turmoil and a fractured society, Ma and Bappu are liberals who teach at the university. Their daughters are starkly different – Alma is a to-be bride obsessed with shoes and Roop is a wild child obsessed with death. As the communal tension tears apart the city where diversity has always existed, the women of the story bear the silent burden together, and Razak portrays this burden with stunning simplicity.

The Summer of Lost Letters by Hannah Reynolds (15th June)

books by New Authors in June 2021 (The Summer of Lost Letters by Hannah Reynolds)

This is a young adult novel with a historical fiction twist. It follows our protagonist, 17 year old Abby during the summer before her senior year. With heartbreak and friends moving out, Abby needs a bit of excitement. And excitement comes to her in the form of love letters, from her recently deceased grandmother’s collection. These letters are from a man named Edward, from a Nantucket mansion. As she goes on an adventure to unearth her grandmother’s past, Edward’s grandson complicates things by opposing her – and with a bit of romance.

The Mismatch by Sara Jafari (24th June)

Most Anticipated Debut Novels of June 2021 (The Mismatch by Sara Jafari)

An endearing coming-of-age romance, this novel follows the story of an Iranian British girl, Soraya Nazari. She is just out of university and looking for a fun casual romance. Magnus Evans seems perfect, because Soraya thinks she won’t ever fall for him. This is owing to their differences in upbringing, culture and personalities. But when she realizes that Magnus is more like her and her family than she thought, she is in real danger of falling in love. This story portrays a contemporary love story with a diverse cast of unforgettable characters.

Gearbreakers by Zoe Hana Mikuta (29th June)

books by New Authors in June 2021 (Gearbreakers by Zoe Hana Mikuta)

This is an LGBTQA+ fantasy and science fiction novel which follows two girls on opposite sides of the war. Eris and Sona discover that despite this, they have a common purpose and fall for each other. With brilliant worldbuilding that involves  a totalitarian regime by Godolia, mechanized machines called Windups and rebel insiders called Gearbreakers, this one is definitely one to keep on your radar.

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