By – Shannon Mayer

Midlife Ghost Hunter   is the 4th novel in the forty proof series and I love it. The characters are all around great. The story is very well written and loaded with action, twists and humour yet to me it was the weakest portion of the forty proof series up to this point. It wasn’t bad, but rather for a couple of reasons it simply didn’t live up to the other three books. Its still a good 4 star book, simply not a 5 star. The romantic components were only not there in this novel. Furthermore, the whole circumstance with Corb… I mean he was never a practical love interest, so I got myself only sort of needing to move the story along at whatever point they had scenes together.

I likewise thought that it was somewhat strange how regularly characters just kept springing up at the correct occasions. Crash explicitly did this a lot. There would be a set scene where he would state “Look I’ve gotta go for these reasons plot wise.” and they appeared well and good, but then like two pages in he flies back up and makes all the difference. Like why even compose that he needed to leave in the event that he wasn’t leaving? Additionally, how could he arrive? How could he realize she required assistance JUST at that point? On various occasions this occurs, and it was only sort of unusual.

Other than that I adored the book, incredible mystery, and astonishing dialogue. Despite the fact that the potty humour is beginning to get somewhat old for me. There’s a cutoff to how often you can joke about farting or peeing yourself before I start to simply roll my eyes or wince. I loved crash in this and Robert and [OH MY GOD I CALLED IT IN THE LAST BOOK. Robert as a suitable love interest just brings back the SPICE.]

If you love fast paced novels, with a ton of humour, an elegantly composed story line, action, twists and truly extraordinary characters then Midlife Ghost Hunter is for you.

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