With the rise of digital technology everything is being replaced. So just like everything, books are being replaced by Ebooks and e-readers like kindles etc. Since the creation of Ebooks and e-readers more and more people are switching to the technological based side of reading. Even though there is an increase in availability in Ebooks and kindles it is just not the same as reading an actual book.

Lets see how Kindle and EBook kill the joy of reading?

There is just something nicer about reading a book than an Ebook. There are pleasures that a book gives you that Ebooks cannot. Such as, the smell especially of old books, the feel of the pages, the weight of the book in your hands and most importantly how pretty they look on the shelves. All these pleasures are part of the experience of reading a book that we simply cannot get from kindles and Ebooks.

Holding a book in your hands and turning the pages as you read just feels right and on the other hand reading digitalized text on a screen feels wrong. Reading a book on a phone can be distracting because of getting notifications and other things like getting interrupted by a phone call or text messages etc. Books are designed for focus. While reading a book you can feel the progress you have done in reading the book as the pages get fewer and fewer. On an Ebook you just keep scrolling down without getting to feel the anticipation of getting to the end of the book.

In a book you can write and make notes on the margins, fold the corners of the important pages or bookmark the pages and underline or highlight key sentences or favourite lines and quotes. Ebooks do have the digital equivalents for these things but they are not the same as doing it physically with a pen or a pencil on paper. Ebooks are not good for health. They put strain on the eyes when reading from tablets, phones or a computer screen.

Kindles and some other e-readers have no light and no glare on the screen option which is good but this still makes it hard to read it in direct sunlight. Ebooks also make it hard to read continuously for hours on end. It allows many distractions making it hard to focus. Books also hold memories. It might be a memory of when or where you bought the book or how you ended up reading it. They are sort of physical reminders of your intellectual journey. While reading an Ebook you have to worry about the battery dying, charging the tablet or phone which can also pose as a distraction during the reading.

Books do not have these problems and most importantly you do not need an internet connection to read it. If the books gets boring it is easy to skim a printed book from page to page rather than an Ebook. The quality of illustrations and images is far better in a book than in an Ebook. In some cases it is a possibility that the quality of illustrations and images is bad on an Ebook. The best part of print books is buying them. Going to a local book store and browsing through a wide collection of books from shelves and finally finding the book you want to read is an experience of its own.

Books are designed to take readers away from the real world to a world where there are possibilities of anything, reading an Ebook simply cannot. Even though, people are using kindle and reading Ebooks, the printed books are nowhere near being completely gone. Instead there has been an increase in sales of books than of e-readers and Ebooks.

Curling up in bed with a book on a cold winter night or reading on a beach on a sunny day or at home on a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee all add to the pleasures of reading a book and make it a fine experience. In conclusion, nothing compares to the aesthetics of reading a book.