द्वारा : ब्रैंडन सैंडरसन

After great success of the first book of the ‘Stormlight Archive’ series, ‘The way of Kings’, author ‘Brandon Sanderson’ came with the second book of the series – ‘Words of Radiance’. This book builds up upon everything which was created by its predecessor and makes all the required improvements to become a great fantasy tale.

‘Kaladin’, a military slave, when given command of royal bodyguards, frowned up many eyebrows. He must prove his loyalty by protecting the king from a very peculiar assassin, who is out on a murder spree of the rulers all over the universe, using his baffling powers. He appears like a psychopathic serial-killer, but it is gradually revealed that he is just a puppet in the hands of a very devious master.

‘Voidbrings’, who had became just a myth among humans over the centuries, were trying to crawl back again with the help of desperate ‘Parshendis’.  ‘Shallan’ knew how this could lead to another apocalypse and tries to uncover some secrets in order to prevent it, but her pursuit was proving to be much more challenging than she anticipated. Both ‘Kaladin’  and ‘Shallan’ were fighting internal as well as external demons.

The story and action in this book goes multiple steps beyond the first part. It is lengthy and deep, but totally worth it.

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