By – डेविड बाल्डैकी

Amos Decker is among one of the handfuls of the series I’ve been following. Since the first book launched in 2015. The FBI consultant with perfect recall has returned to solve a gruesome homicide in a thriving North Dakota oil town.

Alone hunter finds the remaining parts of a lady in North Dakota’s Badlands. She seems to have has a post-mortem performed on her, like those seen on TV shows. The reason behind why her dead was investigated by an FBI turns out to be quickly clear as key inquiries surface about her baffling past. Little is known about this teacher, where she came from or her actual personality. She mysteriously had something to hide.

FBI agent, Amos Decker and his associate, Alex Jamison, are gathered to look for answers in the nearby network of London, North Dakota, which sits at the very heart of the oil industry. Enriched with oil money, envy and a profound set competition lie underneath a facade of glitz and opulence. Decker soon understands that the close by ‘eye in the sky’, the Air Force Station, may hold essential pieces of information and that this town holds insider facts so dangerous they could destabilize the whole nation.

I love the plot of this spine chiller, all the turns that perplex you, and the Alex-Amos partnership. It has all the material of a well-written storyline, characters that are greyer than dark, and a town overflowing with conspiracies. Will Robie – a strangely quiet administrator – additionally shows up, who, as I later discovered, is another repetitive David Baldacci character.

With a secret that runs further than you can think of, तार चलो is stunning breath-taking. if you’ve been following The Memory Man, you don’t want to miss this.