By – Christopher C. Doyle

The Mists of Brahma is the top pick out of all of Christopher Doyle’s books. It is the ideal mixture of imagination, folklore and innovation and I can’t really believe that I completed it in only a few days!

The Sangha alongside Satyavachan and “Saptas” proceed with their battle against Shukra and his beasts. There wasn’t a second when I wasn’t captivated. The creator splendidly explores through all the characters and plots to give us a story which won’t allow you to rest. We can unmistakably observe the move between the characters and their relationship. We really feel them develop from being kids to being youths. The characters are so clear and genuine that you feel appended to them. The writer has expertly composed an especially long activity arrangement which was amazing and I adored it profoundly.

Maya keeps on being my number one character. She needs to pointlessly experience a great deal of battle to demonstrate her value. I am additionally becoming partial to Raman Kapoor. I figure we can truly take some motivation from him and a never-say-die attitude. The remainder of the characters are similarly powerful and summon feelings that they should.

There is also a big surprise for readers who have read all of Christopher Doyle’s books.

Once more, the creator has sublimely clarified the science behind a portion of the happenings we may state are otherworldly. It has created extraordinary interest in me to peruse more about the science behind them.
With enough unexpected developments and beasts, this book will keep you snared from the main page to the last and the end will make you following book of this series!