द्वारा : पैट्रिक रोथफस

This book is a high fantasy memoir of a magically gifted young man named ‘Kvothe’. He takes you on an action packed magical journey of his life via two published and one eagerly awaited books of the “Kingkiller Chronicles” series, written by accomplished American Author ‘Patrick Rothfuss’. “Name of the Wind” is the first Book of the series, and entails the story as narrated by ‘Kvothe’ on Day 1.

He narrates how he spent his childhood as an orphan in a crime-ridden city. How against all odds, he manages to enter and then gets kicked out of a legendary school of magic, where he encounters many dangerous adventures. How he murders a king and then lives like a fugitive evading hostile seekers, in what can be called a gripping coming-of-age story. As you read along, many sides of ‘Kvothe’ would be revealed in the most intriguing ways – infamous assassin, the dragon-slayer, the masterful musician, the thief and the lover.

Plot is simplistic enough and has perfectly imbibed characters. Fantasy World building is remarkable – currency, legends, songs and a unique magic system ‘Sympathy’. The book is full of action while at the same time is poetic, with great emphasis on music.

पढ़ना : The Wise Man’s Fear