Books are powerful. Like the humming of a bee that enters your ear, pieces and fragments of books enter your mind. Sometimes this may occur at a conscious level, and sometimes its impact is subconscious. Either way, it’s so very important to pick and choose books that will have a positive impact o your life. By this, I do not mean you should read only goody goody books and shun books that tackle difficult topics. Even serious books can inspire you and have positive impacts. But sometimes, you just need a good book that will help you appreciate life. Here’s a list of 5 books that will make you appreciate life.

रॉस गे द्वारा प्रसन्नता की पुस्तक

5 पुस्तकें जो आपको जीवन की सराहना करेंगी - प्रसन्नता की पुस्तक
5 Books That Will Make You Appreciate Life – प्रसन्नता की पुस्तक

इस पुस्तक को जीवन की आनंदमयता पर निबंधों के संग्रह के रूप में संक्षेप में प्रस्तुत किया गया है। इस पुस्तक में लेखक रॉस गे, एक जन्मदिन से दूसरे जन्मदिन तक, जीवन की सरल खुशियों को दर्ज करते हैं। मूल रूप से, वह दुनिया के बारे में एक खुशी की बात को अलग-अलग शब्दों में नोट करने के लिए खुद को चुनौती देता है, जैसा कि वह महसूस करता है, लगातार एक वर्ष के लिए हर दिन। परिणाम जबरदस्त सकारात्मकता, अर्थ और आनंद की एक किताब है जो आपको उस सुंदरता की तीव्र तीव्रता के साथ ले जाएगी जो इसमें शामिल है।

रेनर मारिया रिल्के द्वारा द डार्क इंटरवल

द डार्क इंटरवल
5 Books That Will Make You Appreciate Life – द डार्क इंटरवल

As I said before, sometimes the shiniest light can be found in the darkest place. This is that is where it shines out. Often, the most profound meaning and joy can be found in the bleakest moments. And those unexpected epiphanies are far more valuable than miss goody two shoes books. This book by the great German poet, whose philosophy of life transcends space and time, is a collection of his letters. These are all letters written to grieving, mourning, bereaving human beings, and offer comfort, philosophy and guidance. By talking about death, they make you appreciate life – an echo of the curious paradox life is.

रस्किन बॉन्ड द्वारा द लिटिल बुक ऑफ़ कम्फर्ट

5 किताबें जो आपको जीवन की सराहना करेंगी - आराम की छोटी किताब
5 Books That Will Make You Appreciate Life – आराम की छोटी किताब

Ruskin Bond is the very embodiment of comfort. His books are so full of tiny yet profound observations of nature, human life and relationships. Simple and lilting with the melodies of the mountains, his books are all comfort reads that remind us of the amplitude of nature’s beauty, the tremendousness of its overwhelming meaning. This little book, as it promises, offers doses of positivity and dollops of comfort on a sad, rainy evening.

मैरी ओलिवर द्वारा मैं जल्दी क्यों जागता हूँ?

मैं जल्दी क्यों जागता हूँ
5 Books That Will Make You Appreciate Life – मैं जल्दी क्यों जागता हूँ

People rightly extol as the poet of nature – all her poetry is replete with the vivacious bounty of nature. As the title suggests, this poetry collection is an ode to mornings, and the beauty of flora and fauna that accompany it. From crickets, toads and bears to trout lilies, pinewoods and clouds, she marvels at the wonders of nature. These are lyrical, musical hymns devoid of religious or political elements – they celebrate the natural world that welcomes every new day. And the very existence of such poetry will make you appreciate life.

अर्थ के लिए मनुष्य की खोज विक्टर फ्रैंकली द्वारा

5 Books That Will Make You Appreciate Life - Man’s Search for Meaning
5 Books That Will Make You Appreciate Life – अर्थ के लिए मनुष्य की खोज

Like Rilke’s collection of letters, this book takes us through perhaps the darkest period of history to show is light exists even there. Frankl’s memoir cum non-fiction book is a documentation of his experience through the Nazi holocaust, and how he has found renewal of life since. In this book, he argues that no matter what his outer circumstances might be, meaning can be found if man wants to find it. Taking the view of an existential psychologist who founded the logotherapy, this book talks about the value of human life in the direst situations. Basically, this book may make you tear up, but you will finish it with a smile on your face due to a renewed faith in the destiny of mankind.

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