Of all the bonds that humans create in their lifetime, the strongest is friendship. In different stages in life, we become friends with different people and that bond does not have any boundaries – friendship between kid and parents, childhood friends, humans and their pets, and more. We have listed down some books with heartfelt stories on friendship. So let’s read 10 books on friendship that are delightful.

एक आदमी जिसे ओवे कहा जाता है

दोस्ती पर हार्दिक कहानियां - एक आदमी जिसे ओवे कहा जाता है
Heartfelt Stories on Friendship – एक आदमी जिसे ओवे कहा जाता है

Swedish author Fredrik Backman’s novel deals with the subject of loss, youth, aging, and the consequence of immigration. It is about Ove, an old suicidal Swede who just wants to be left in solitude, so he could commit suicide but what is keeping him from doing that is his irking neighbors. This book is notable as a book of friendship among readers.

पतंग धावक

दोस्ती पर 10 किताबें जो आनंददायक हैं - पतंग धावक
10 Books on Friendship That Are Delightful – पतंग धावक

Khaled Hosseini’s first novel is about searching for a home. Although the book is violent, dark, and disturbing, it also deals with love, betrayal, and redemption and it also covers an improbable friendship between an affluent boy and the son of their servant.

एक छोटी सी जिंदगी

एक छोटी सी जिंदगी
Heartfelt Stories on Friendship – एक छोटी सी जिंदगी

Hanya Yanagihara’s 2015 published novel ‘A Little Life’ is about four classmates, JB, Willem, Malcolm, and Jude. Jude is the root of their friendship; he is holding all of them together. Overall these years, the friendship of these four friends intensifies but at the same time it also goes through a dark phase which includes, coping with trauma, fighting with addiction, stabilizing ambition, and longing for success.

बिंदु से परे

दोस्ती पर 10 किताबें जो आनंददायक हैं - बियॉन्ड द पॉइंट
10 Books on Friendship That Are Delightful – बिंदु से परे

Claire Gibson’s novel ‘Beyond the Point’ is about three women in the United States Military Academy who form a lasting friendship through the years of being present in each other’s lives. This novel is based on the true tale of female graduates of West Point.

हैप्पी एंड यू नो इट

दोस्ती पर हार्दिक कहानियां - हैप्पी एंड यू नो इट
Heartfelt Stories on Friendship – हैप्पी एंड यू नो इट

Laura Hankin in the novel ‘Happy & You Know It’ is about Claire who after accepting her work as a playgroup musician gets close to Whitney, Amara, and Gwen. Whitney portrays the character of a typical social media perfectionist and digital world addict, Amara, a funny, lately stay-at-home mother who is trying to deal with her fresh identity, and Gwen, an old and expert mom who never misses an occasion of advising a parenting counsel. Only after getting close to them, Claire becomes familiar with their life, its betrayals, and secrets.

गर्ल्स बर्न ब्राइट

गर्ल्स बर्न ब्राइट
10 Books on Friendship That Are Delightful – गर्ल्स बर्न ब्राइट

Shobha Rao’s novel ‘Girls Burn Brighter’ deals with themes like domestic abuse, immigration, women’s rights, and human tracking. Poornima manages to discover a relatable soul in her father’s new member of staff, Savitha. After an act of violence, Savitha is sent away, Poornima will take risk of going underbelly of their nation to reach America to find Savitha.


Heartfelt Stories on Friendship – Sula

टोनी मॉरिसन का यह उपन्यास दो अश्वेत महिलाओं सुला और नेल की दोस्ती, उनके जीवन, बचपन, परिपक्वता और मृत्यु के इर्द-गिर्द घूमता है। यह नस्लवाद, कामुकता, पहचान और लिंग भूमिकाओं जैसे विषयों से संबंधित है।

पाई का जिवन

दोस्ती पर 10 किताबें जो आनंददायक हैं - लाइफ ऑफ पाई
10 Books on Friendship That Are Delightful – पाई का जिवन

Yann Martel’s novel Life of Pi is a great depiction of friendship and the need for companionship. Pi in the book formed a connection with the wilderness and survived a difficult journey.

वन की किताब

दोस्ती पर दिल को छू लेने वाली कहानियां - जंगल बुक
Heartfelt Stories on Friendship – वन की किताब

Like Life of Pi, Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling represents the character of Mowgli, a human cub bonding with different animals in the jungle especially Bagheera, the panther who even refers to Mowgli as ‘little brother’.

लिटल वुमन

दोस्ती पर 10 किताबें जो आनंददायक हैं - छोटी औरतें
10 Books on Friendship That Are Delightful – लिटल वुमन

‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott penned in 1868 is about family and friendship among sisters Jo March, Amy, Beth, and Meg. It also portrays a great example of friendship between Jo March and Theodore Lawrence. The poem represents the importance of family and unity in trying times.

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