By – Sudha Murthy

‘Grandma’s Bag of Stories’ by Sudha Murthy is an epic read that provides us with a platter of tasteful dishes that are indeed gripping and encouraging for everyone who experiences it. The nostalgic moments of the book take us to our childhood and the stories narrated by the author are for sure fascinating and amazing for its readers. This book is a great read that refreshes our minds from the beginning of the stories of the book until the end.

Murty Ji has been acing the literary field since time immemorable and it is another of her work which we can look forward to. For sure, this book is the process from which one can learn and know about the myriad things that they may experience in their lives. Through the wordings of this book, its readers experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions and it is for sure worthy of reading by everyone. This book is a collection of stories and every story is penned down by the author in an exemplary and lucid manner. Every story included in the book is indeed enjoyable and the readers are entertained through reading this book from the start to its finish. The book enables its readers to believe the characters of the book and relate to them as well.

Ajji (grandmother) narrates the stories to her grand-children which is involving for the readers and I loved reading every story of the book as it is well-crafted and beautifully narrated by the grandmother to her grandchildren who have come to their grandmother’s and grandfather’s house to spend their holidays. Both Ajji and Ajja (grandfather) are elated to receive the kids in their home and Ajji couldn’t wait for the children to hear her stories. I indeed loved every part of the book and highly recommend everyone to possess one, soon. It is a great book to be included in your book set and the work of the author is for sure appreciable. The ride of emotions in this book is a fascinating approach adopted by the author to narrate her plot.
I really recommend this book to everyone who wants to go through a light and exciting read!!!