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The Awakening : (The Dragon Heart Legacy Book 1) is my very first Nora Roberts book. I was unable to believe I haven’t read nothing else by her. I truly enjoyed this first book of her new fantasy series.

Roberts is an extremely good author, and it absolutely shows in her method of narrating. I love the pacing of The Awakening. It is truly consistent and nothing felt surged or dragging. One minor issue I had was the paragraph breaking during discussions. On certain events, I experienced difficulty sorting out who was talking. But, that didn’t troubled much with the superb story.

The Awakening is a low fantasy. Breen is an amazingly relatable American women in Philadelphia. She battles to take care of educational loans, works in a job she never liked, and has been nothing more but barely average. Or so her mom says. After finding her mom’s attempt of hiding great things from her, she leaves her job and spends a mid year in Ireland, attempting to find her dad who has vanished from her life.

Despite the fact that I love all the eccentric people in Breen’s life, I discover them falling a little on the “stereotypical gay men”. Marco and Sally are the best people. I love the delightful way they are consistently there for Breen, even before she has broken free from her mom and herself. On top of being somewhat stereotypical, most characters, queer or otherwise, are not particular enough to set up uniqueness in my brain. I trust the sequels will give them greater personality.

For those needing this book for the romance, it isn’t the primary plot. however it is clear whom Breen engages with, I found the relationship advancement somewhat astounding and it didn’t worked for me. I didn’t feel a lot of fascination or emotional connection, yet it is still important to the series, and I would like to see it evolve.

What I love the most about The Awakening is the quietness of the portrayal, the tranquility of the surrounding, and the serenity as Breen begins to hone more confidence than she has ever had. I likewise love the message of not letting anybody reprimand you, and all the magnificent words committed to acceptance, belonging, and turning into one’s actual self.

The Awakening is an exciting read as we leave on Breen’s excursion of getting herself. It closes on a cliffhanger, but not a note too nervous. I actually chuckled at the end and can’t hold on to peruse more about her adventure.

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