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Bramhastra | Astra | Arme de destruction dans la mythologie hindoue

Par Soham

Hindu Mythology is full of fascinating stories and myths. Many of which are believed to be true. And there has been various research over the past decades on the existence of the super natural world before us. While the topic is quite debatable and it’s hard to reach any conclusion. But there is no shying away from the fact that the Hindu scriptures were used by many researchers and scientists as a source of information or inspiration. Today we’ll be talking about the weapon of mass destruction in Hindu Mythology, ‘Bramhastra’.

Bramhastra is said to be one of the most powerful weapons present in Hindu Mythology. Its a weapon of mass destruction. The closest reference which can be drawn to this weapon in today’s modern era is ‘Nuclear Bomb’.

Bramhastra | Astra | Arme de destruction dans la mythologie hindoue

An Astra can’t be acquired by anyone or everyone. It requires some special knowledge. And can only be used when invoked by Mantras. Every Astra was associated with some God and the Astra had the characteristics of their special powers. As Bramhastra was a weapon associated to ‘Seigneur Bhrama‘ who is considered as the Creator of universe. The weapon has the elements of the universe as its power and can destroy every element that was created in the universe.  

Selon les écritures hindoues, le Bramhastra avait quatre aspects. D'abord, il pourrait apparaître juste par le souhait de l'utilisateur lorsqu'il est invoqué. Le deuxième aspect parle des formations chimiques des armes qui pourraient être modifiées par l'utilisateur. Ce faisant, l'utilisateur peut décider du niveau de destruction et du rayon de destruction que l'arme causera. Les troisième et quatrième aspects parlent de la divinité de l'arme et elle est capable non seulement de tuer des gens, mais peut même détruire les plus petits éléments de l'univers. On dit que l'Astra ne manque jamais sa cible. On pense également que les effets néfastes durables de l'arme sont là pendant des siècles après son utilisation. Ce qui ressemble un peu à l'arme nucléaire moderne.

Bramhastra | Astra | Arme de destruction dans la mythologie hindoue

L'utilisation de Bramhastra dans la mythologie hindoue

The weapon has been showcased in Hindu Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. One such story is described in the ‘Sundar Kand’ of Ramayana. Where Lord Hanuman enters Lanka to send a message of Lord Ram to Devi Sita. Where he faces a lot of obstacles in the way but crosses every obstacle with ease. He even destroys the devils and evils of Lanka with a blink of his eyes. The super powered God was even able to cross the ocean with just a single stride. He created mayhem in the Lankan forces. It became impossible to stop this avatar of ‘Lord Shiva’ for the soldiers of ‘Ravan’. Eventually Ravan’s son Indrajit saw no option and launched the Bramhastra at Lord Hanuman. As Lord Hanuman was immune to all weapons, the Bramhastra couldn’t harm him but was able to stop the immortal superpowered avatar of Seigneur Shiva pour un moment.

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