There are two things in the world that unite every single Indian, no matter where he or she lives, in the world – food and cricket. Cricket is way more than a sport for us. It is a living, breathing manifestation of our national consciousness and collective pride. It’s a divine sport, and the sportsmen are our gods. Here is a list of 7 best books about cricket and Indian cricket in particular that every cricket lover needs to pick up right away. Some of these are biographies, others are memoirs, while still others are non-fiction monographs.

Jouer à ma façon par Sachin Tendulkar

7 Best Books About Cricket And Indian Cricket In Particular - Playing It My Way
7 Best Books About Cricket – Jouer à ma façon

The most loved cricketer India has seen, Sachin has penned his memoir after having retired from the field. Here, he delves into his childhood and pinpoints the time he held a bat for the first time. From there, he charts his trajectory to the point of retirement. Written with unflinching honesty and unheard of simplicity, this is the tale of India’s living God.

L'histoire du cricket indien par Mihir Bose

L'histoire du cricket indien
7 Best Books About Indian Cricket – L'histoire du cricket indien

En nous guidant à travers l'odyssée palpitante du cricket indien, Bose brosse un portrait de l'évolution de la scène indienne du cricket. Nous commençons à la conception de l'équipe indienne de cricket pendant le Raj britannique. Et nous terminons après de nombreuses tribulations et célébrations à l'état actuel de l'équipe de cricket indienne. Des scandales de matchs truqués et des échecs horribles à la victoire de la coupe du monde et à la victoire formidable, nous regardons le monde du cricket à travers des yeux curieux et divertissants.

Onze dieux et un milliard d'indiens par Boria Majumdar

7 Best Books About Indian Cricket - Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians
7 Best Books About Cricket And Indian Cricket In Particular – Onze dieux et un milliard d'indiens

Boria is an authority on Indian cricket and a world renowned sports journalist, and with this book he surpasses himself. In the book, we get an insider’s look into the world of cricket, full of adventure, uncertainty, glamour and tremendous excitement. Drawing on a vast archival treasure of photos, interviews, letters and more, this book simultaneously reflects on the history and confronts the future of Indian cricket.

Un siècle ne suffit pas de Sourav Ganguly

Un siècle ne suffit pas
Un siècle ne suffit pas

Cricket is obviously the most beloved sport of India and Saurav-da has talked about his personal journey as a cricketer here. He has been one of India’s finest captains and reading his memoir will give you lots of insights about not just the game, but also leadership.

Un coin d'un champ étranger par Ramachandra Guha

7 Best Books About Cricket And Indian Cricket In Particular - A Corner of a Foreign Field
7 Best Books About Cricket – Un coin d'un champ étranger

Cet ouvrage pionnier pose un regard incisif sur les dimensions sociales d'un sport national. De l'influence britannique sur les premiers crickets indiens à la configuration moderne de la politique musulmane hindoue, Guha aborde des sujets difficiles. Pendant tout ce temps, il reste fidèle à son immense passion pour le sport, nous donnant un aperçu du jeu lui-même.

Croire de Suresh Raina

7 Best Books About Cricket And Indian Cricket In Particular - Believe
7 Best Books About Indian Cricket – Croire

In this biography, Raina (using Bharat Sundaresan’s words) describes his personal journey from a small town boy in UP to the man who won the World Cup for India. This book draws on his personal and professional life, with special emphasis on the characters that played a role in it. These include his wife Priyanka, his co-cricketers MS Dhoni and Rahul Dravid and many more. He also talks about how he faced bullying in school and what gave him the strength to overcome it. This book is an insightful and engaging read, not to mention how absolutely inspiring it is.

Pays du cricket par Prashant Kidambi

Pays du cricket
7 Best Books About Cricket And Indian Cricket In Particular – Pays du cricket

Ce livre nous emmène à travers les crevasses et les recoins oubliés de l'histoire indienne. Il dresse un portrait émouvant de la première tournée de cricket All India en Angleterre et en Irlande. Situé dans les paysages picaresques de l'Angleterre en 1911, il fait frissonner de fierté à travers le corps.

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