Youtubers are undoubtedly some of the biggest celebrities and entertainers in the pop culture world today. From their makeup and lifestyle to books, workouts, mukbang and more, we all turn to them when we need a dose of serotonin. Admit it – you’ve watched that cliché ‘what I eat in a day’ or ‘day in my life!’ videos. But there’s more to YouTubers than shallow vlogs – they are humorous, entertaining, artistic people. Here’s a list of our favourite and perhaps 10 best books by famous youtubers that you should definitely read.

Comment être un Bawse par Lilly Singh

10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers - How to be a Bawse
10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers – How to be a Bawse

Following her rise to celebrity as Superwoman, Lily has become a pop icon in the west, making her fellow Indians prouder than ever. In her book, she draws on her personal experience to give tips on being confident and conquering in life. With her usual sly humour, she wins our hearts, yet again.

Le livre inutile d'Alfie Deyes

The Pointless Book
10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers – The Pointless Book

Deyes is an absolute goof, but a terribly adorable, hilarious and genuine one at that. This non fiction book is packed with exactly that – super-fun challenges, cool ideas and entertaining things to do. It might not be literary genius, but it’s a dose of feel-goodness.

Une chose absolument remarquable par Hank Green

10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers - An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers – Une chose absolument remarquable

The absolutely intelligent nerd and brother and co-youtuber to John Green, Hank is hilariously intellectual. In his sci-fi novel, a young girl encounters an eerie sculpture, whose video she posts to YouTube. Overnight, the video goes viral and she becomes a celebrity. Now, she must juggle her fame, keep herself sane and tackle the threat of aliens.

Fille en ligne par Zoe Sugg

Fille en ligne
Fille en ligne

In this young adult romance by the celeb YouTuber Zoe, Penny runs a secret online blog as a creative outlet for school drama, dysfunctional family and panic attacks. But when things get worse, her parents take her to New York, where she falls in love for the first time. But her boyfriend seems to be hiding his own secrets.

Je me déteste par Shane Dawson

10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers - I Hate Myselfie
10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers – I Hate Myselfie

With over 12 million subscribers to his account, Dawson is an icon. In his collection of precise, truthful yet goofily sweet essays, he surveys his journey from a random vlog in 2008 to his Hollywood directorial debut.

Un travail en cours par Connor Franta

A Work in Progress
10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers – A Work in Progress

In this memoir, Franta bears his life on paper as he has never done before the camera. As he chronicles his journey from a small town boy to an Internet star, he details the tiny moments of his extraordinary life. From his struggles with identity and sexuality as a Midwestern boy to his artistic endeavours and the struggles of fame, he talks about it all.

Mes vacances ivres dans la cuisine par Hannah Hart

10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers - My Drunk Holiday
10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers – My Drunk Holiday

Hart is one of the OG influencers, one of the very first YouTubers who shot to fame with the explosion of the platform. In her cookbook, she gives us a collection of fifty recipes for any time of the year, replete with humorous anecdotes and suggestions for a fulfilling community life.

Binge par Tyler Oakley


From the most influential queer voice on YouTube comes a humorous yet wise and tender memoir. This memoir is a compilations on essays on a variety of topics, which will take your breath away.

« Ce livre t'aime » par Pewdiepie

10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers - This Book Loves You
10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers – This Book Loves You

This is a graphic memoir by one of the funniest YouTubers ever. It is basically a collection of humorous inspirational quotes with a spin on them. However, he mocks regular motivational quotes and the hustle culture, inspiring instead a deep abiding peace and contentment with life.

Auto-assistance par Miranda Sings

10 Best Books By Famous Youtubers – Self-Help

One of the first youtubers to make it big, Miranda Sings is a sensation in a quiet, distinctive, quirky way. Her book is exactly the same, with bursts of humour and adorable goofiness, and a whole lot of wisdom, quirkiness and cuteness.

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