By : Hans Rosling

Factfulness by Hans Rosling is a treasure box of facts and knowledge and is also supported by Ola Rosling, the author’s son, and Anna Rosling, the author’s daughter-in-law. It is a book of facts that is lacking in today’s world, according to me. The book is an amazing read that pours a fact-based knowledge on its readers and aids us to comprehend that ‘overdramatizing the world’ is not good. The book clears our thoughts and misconceptions that we might have hovered our minds for a longer time.

Misconceptions mean keeping a view or opinion that is incorrect or is based on someone’s faulty thinking or misunderstanding. However, through the medium of this book, the author is consistently bringing forth the opinion that one should not rely on the misinformation but rather keep checking the facts before forming an opinion of theirs about the world. The author through this book also stresses the point that one should not misinterpret the facts and should understand ‘what is right’.

The facts and examples quoted by the author in the book are worth reading and are rightly mentioned in the book to put more value in the book and keep the readers gripped to the content of the book. The language of the book is easy-to-understand and the concept of the book is refreshing and to-the-point. Every chapter of the book is full of facts and overwhelming for the readers to learn a lot of things which one certainly does not know. The idea and thought of the book come across as a great subject for the readers and apart from learning from the facts given in the book the readers have the learning about the basics of where the knowledge develops.

The book is an exemplary read for the fellow authors and projects a great sense and understanding of the author of the field of writing. I appreciate the work of the author who has beautifully brought forth the concept of fact-based knowledge and not being over-dramatic in thinking about the world and believe in the facts given by reliable organizations. Hence, it is a book worth reading.

Indeed it is a highly recommended read!!!