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Empire of the Vampire: By Jay Kristoff is a Story of Dark World, Filled With Dark Characters

By shashi shekhar
4.5 out of 5

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff is a story of dark world, Filled with dark characters. You’re tossed into a universe of basically no sun and filled with vampires running without any control. To stop them you got “heroes” who aren’t any better than the actual monsters. The Characters are likeable, dislikeable and all very well-developed. There’s even a romantic tale here that will definitely tug on the heart strings.

With the last sunrise 27 years ago, vampires have spread their eternal empire all over. Annihilating human civilization step by step, they’ve bought death and destruction wherever they’ve gone.

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff

Gabriel de Leon is a silversaint, sworn sibling of the holy Ordo Argent. He is half vampire and half human. Gabriel de Leon has committed himself to guard the realm. The flaws make him quite a lot more believable and likeable as a person and I truly sympathized with him at each step of the story. He’s the last line of defence between our realm and theirs.

Compelled to tell the stories of his legendary battles, forbidden love.. his capturers press for more. Demanding everything of him.. like his personal details of relationships, the Wars of the Blood, and the mission for hope.. The Holy Grail, he has barely a choice but to give them what they need.

Not only Empire of the Vampire right up my proverbial alley, gritty and bloody. It also has plenty of suffering to go around. Kristoff’s writing expertise likewise appears to arrive at an apex here. While managing out how to keep up with the harsh edges his stories and characters are known for, there’s a dark refinement at work inside the pages.

In spite of being more than 700 pages in length, this book never turns into a slog. Regardless of whether he’s character building or developing backstory, giving visual references or growing connections, I never wanted to put the novel down and by the end when I did, he left me wanting more. The fight scenes are visceral blasts of pain and violence, scripted like a very well choreographed dance.. furthermore, in the Kristoff style we’ve all generally expected.. nobody is safe.

I highly recommend Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff, it is truly worth the read!

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