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Donating Old Books is Better Option Than Selling Them

Donating Old Books is Better Option Than Selling Them

Books are so intertwined with the human culture that it is almost impossible to separate the two from each other. Even in the current modern age of technology, books are still very much preferred by numerous people, not just as a form of gaining knowledge, but as an entertainment medium as well. However, not everyone has the privilege to access books, and those who do can make small contributions to help out the former by simply donating books to various places. Here are 5 reasons why donating old books is better option than selling them.

It will help financially weak students

Academic books are costly and perhaps inaccessible to many people due to their low availability and high price. Hence, passing down academic books to your juniors or other students that require them can be helpful in their academic progress. Plus, since the books would be used, there will be important pieces of notes and points mentioned all across the books that can be of benefit to the person receiving them.

The other books that can be given to people are novels and story books. Literature should ideally not be restricted to people who are rich and well-to-do. Most people should have access to freely available literature, and by giving read story books, or books that are available in your house that you no longer read. While every reader has an emotional attachment to their books, and it must be difficult to give them away, providing someone else with a chance to read through stories and tales that you enjoyed.

Donating Old Books is Better Option Than Selling Them
Donating Old Books is Better Option Than Selling Them

A step toward environmental protection by reusing, reusable goods

Books are an essential part of the learning process and integral to human existence. Yet, it cannot be denied that the mass printing of books can cause numerous damage to the environment. A lot of trees and cuts and forests are deforested to match the growing demand for certain books. When you end up donating the book, at least an individual demand for the book is fulfilled. Eventually, if most people end up doing this, it can decrease the demand for a decent amount of books.

Books, even though they are made by compiling papers are rigid sufficient to not lose their usability anytime soon after the purchase. They can stay put for years and even decades. Hence, using a book to its complete potential is a very environmentally friendly and responsible method.

It helps sustain small libraries

Keeping apart from the big, private-based, or government-based libraries, there are many local libraries run by individuals that sometimes get overshadowed by the bigger libraries around the area. These libraries are usually smaller in size and contain a small selection of books but these are perfect places to sit with a book and read it for hours. They are also accessible to more people due to the fees and location. These libraries are important to have around, and one way to contribute to this is to donate used books, magazines, maps, papers, etc. that can be of use to them. It is best to get in contact with the librarian or the owner of the library before making any donation, as they would know best what they need in their library. This could help not just one or two, but several people in your area that visit the library and borrow books from there.

Donating Old Books is Better Option Than Selling Them
Donating Old Books is Better Option Than Selling Them

Donations to schools or children’s organizations will help them learn

The government or other organizations usually offer to donate educational books, textbooks, or any other reading material available for academic use. While these books are extremely important, and necessary, and should be donated frequently to schools for underprivileged children and charity organizations for kids. It is also equally important that these children from these schools and organizations get the chance to read books beyond their academics.

As mentioned earlier, literature should not be restricted to privilege, everyone should have the opportunity to access literature easily. Hence, children from lower-income backgrounds should have the opportunity to cultivate a reading habit. While it may get difficult to directly reach these children, many schools and organizations exist that help such children in need. A donation of a book or two to such an organization can help someone with their interest in reading, or start a whole new interest in someone altogether.

Donating Old Books is Better Option Than Selling Them
Donating Old Books is Better Option Than Selling Them

Cultivating Community Relations

Many areas do not have a library nearby or even if there is one, it is difficult to access. In such cases, you can start your own, mini-library from your house by giving away or lending your books for free to neighbours and friends. This can be done with the help of building a community shelf. It is a small bookshelf available in a public space where people can pick any book that they like and read it, or take it home with them. By starting a small community shelf, you can make many friends, and also encourage many people to donate their books to the shelf as well. This can start a chain and develop a healthy habit of reading within the area or neighbourhood.

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