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Books to Better Understand the Constitution of India

By nandini

Constitution Day which was earlier known as National Law Day marks the constitution of the greatest establishment of the largest democratic organization in the world. It makes every Indian citizen comprehend their job to maintain the sacredness of the preface – sovereign, secular, socialist, and democratic republic intact. Here is a list of 5 books to better understand the constitution of India.

Our Constitution – Subhash C. Kashyap

Books to Better Understand the Constitution of India – Our Constitution

A crucial read in case you want to be familiar with the insights of the constitution of India – every clause and article present in the constitution has been profoundly covered in this book by Kashyap. A module included in this book attracts the readers to the desire to scrutinize the functioning of the establishment.

Introduction to the Constitution of India – Dr. Durga Das Basu

Books to Better Understand the Constitution of India – Introduction to the Constitution of India

This book presents the Constitution of India for the duration of its first fifty years. It outlines the constitutional accounts of India since the Government of India Act of 1935; evaluates the provisions of the current Constitution and elucidates the inter-relation between its varied contents. It deals with various situations of India including the status and requirements of Jammu and Kashmir.

India’s Founding Moment – Madhav Khosla

Books to Better Understand the Constitution of India – India’s Founding Moment

The justification of Britain’s colonial rule in the nation made it almost impossible for the Indian government to create its own rule to stabilize its socioeconomic reality. As soon as the nation got its independence the foremost challenge was to develop self-ruled citizenship because the Indian subjects got impoverished by the colonial ruling government. The author explores the ways followed by India’s founder to foster a democratic ethos. It was tough to make the people learn ways of citizenship and also the distinction as the creation would be of self-maintaining politics. The creators of the Indian constitution crafted a system that could react to the issues of democratization under the most unreceptive situations. This book reminds us of the dares and swears of self-governance today.

Widows of Vidarbha – Kota Neelima

Books to Better Understand the Constitution of India – Widows of Vidarbha

Farmer suicide was and is a never-ending story, but often being concluded as either ambitious or unstable. The death happens and what about the widow, who lives in the dark corner away from the limelight of media or politicians. This book ‘Widows of Vidarbha’ is the tale of 18 such widows who have been unseen to the community, state, and even from families. The widows, tracked from the surveys of 2014 to 2016 opened up about their unfinished dreams of education and self-identity, their weakened world, and their vulnerable submission to the hands of patriarchy. The book presents the journey through which these women pass – the invisibility forced while they are small enforced to downgrade their privileges to the male. The subjugation of these voices will only delay the solution. This book brings forth the unseen and never-thought-before corners of India.

The Indian Constitution – Granville Austin

Books to Better Understand the Constitution of India – The Indian Constitution

This book by Granville Austin provides the details of the Indian Constituent Assembly. It discusses how and why the members of the Assembly jotted down and created the constitution as they did. The new edition of this book offers the contemporary developments that took place in constitutional law.

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