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Books Every Sportsman Should Read | Books Written By Sportsperson

By Sakshi Nadkarni

Two of the most important aspects of the sportsperson’s spirit are motivation and willingness to learn. And books help you augment exactly that. Reading about highly ambitious and hardworking sportspeople who have overcome struggles and mastered their skill inspires you to work hard yourself. Plus, there might be tips and tricks of the trade, routines to understand, requirements of the sport and so on that you can grasp. So, we’ve made a list of the best books every sportsman should read. Books listed here are truly authentic because these are the books written by sportsperson themselves.

The Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant

Books Every Sportsman Should Read

Titled the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant was a renowned basketball player who penned his memoir when he retired. This memoir contains his vast treasury of knowledge accumulated over the years – life lessons and heartbreaks. His passion flows into the book, and we learn about the sportsman’s spirit which is essential for any sportsman.

Unthinkable by Scott Rigsby

Books Written By Sportsperson

This is a story of sheer inspiration and heartbreaking passion. It chronicles the life of double amputee Rigsby who won the prestigious Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. From his devastating and crippling accident, to his descent into depression and alcohol abuse, he talks about the darkest moments of his life. And then he talks of hope and the rekindling of spirit, which took him where he is now.

Why Soccer Matters by Pele

Books Every Sportsman Should Read

The Brazilian soccer legend Pele who changed the dynamics of the game altogether, has a lot of interesting things to say in his memoir. As much as he talks about his own legacy, he also talks about the game. He speaks of its mastery, its history and its nuances and also about its transformative potential. This is a must read for soccer addicts and sportspeople.

Ace Against Odds by Sania Mirza

Books Written By Sportsperson

Tennis player Sania Mirza is the pride of our nation so it’s only fitting that her memoir is the inspiration of our nation’s sportsmen. As a woman in the field, this gives a fresh perspective on the exclusive hardships that women battle. But this is also a book about universal hardships – emotional and physical and how to beat them This is a truly insightful read.

Open by Andre Agassi

Books Every Sportsman Should Read

This is the autobiography of the one of the most talented tennis players to ever exist and chronicles Andre’s training, entry into the field and career since. He recalls matches and events in vivid detail and pens down everything about his life. He shows us that struggles exist irrespective of talent, and that only passion and perseverance and win over them. This is an incredibly precious book that we believe all sportsmen should read.

Believe by Suresh Raina

Books Written By Sportsperson

In this biography, Raina (using Bharat Sundaresan’s words) describes his personal journey from a small town boy in UP to the man who won the World Cup for India. This book draws on his personal and professional life, with special emphasis on the characters that played a role in it. These include his wife Priyanka, his co-cricketers MS Dhoni and Rahul Dravid and many more. He also talks about how he faced bullying in school and what gave him the strength to overcome it. This book is an insightful and engaging read, not to mention how absolutely inspiring it is.

Playing to Win by Saina Nehwal

Books Every Sportsman Should Read

The acclaimed and famous badminton player Nehwal who was won India dozens of accolades is an inspiration to the world. In her enchanting memoir, she takes us through her personal and professional life – citing her routines, the various roles she assumes and what makes her normal yet exceptional.

Unbreakable by Mary Kom

Books Written By Sportsperson

The Queen of the Indian Boxing Ring has given her testament in this autobiography – and one that deserves to be cherished for ages to come. This small town girl from the north east overcame all societal, professional, familial and personal odds to be the woman she is today. And her memoir is perhaps the most inspiring book you can read.

A Century is Not Enough by Sourav Ganguly

Books Every Sportsman Should Read

Cricket is obviously the most beloved sport of India and Saurav-da has talked about his personal journey as a cricketer here. He has been one of India’s finest captains and reading his memoir will give you lots of insights about not just the game, but also leadership.

Playing It My Way by Sachin Tendulkar

Books Written By Sportsperson

The most loved cricketer India has seen, Sachin has penned his memoir after having retired from the field. Here, he delves into his childhood and pinpoints the time he held a bat for the first time. From there, he charts his trajectory to the point of retirement. Written with unflinching honesty and unheard of simplicity, this is the tale of India’s living God.

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