It is not new that reading to children is very beneficial in their development. However, today’s generation is plagued with screen time and bedtime stories seem like a thing of the past. Lots of parents work long hours and have to balance work and home. They can make time for children and read them a bedtime story. Reading a bedtime story to children sounds like a simple act but it is not. Bedtime stories are important as they grow imagination power. Bedtime stories introduce kids to a world full of imagination and possibilities that they had no way of knowing exist. Reading bedtime stories to children is an extraordinary way to enhance their creativity. While the world is becoming more digital day-to-day, storytelling is still the cornerstone of imaginative development.

All children are born with an imagination. Imagination gives children an opportunity to visualize something that they might not have experienced yet. A healthy imagination enables children to become innovative and grow into creative adults. Strong imagination does not make children impractical daydreamers, instead, it gives them tools to reshape their world and life. Bedtime stories are important as they help children see different perspectives and learn communication, problem-solving and empathy. Bedtime stories have fairy tales, superheroes, ancient characters, animals, enchanted forests and adventures, etc.

These scenes in the bedtime stories trigger the imagination of children because these scenes are not common in day-to-day lives. Imagination also gives children problem-solving skills. Reading stories can also help children’s listening abilities, memory, oral communication skills and language recognition skills. It is a great medium for children to build vocabulary, and learn to communicate through body language and written and verbal methods. Bedtime stories are important as they can inculcate a habit of reading in children. It can also improve the attention and concentration power of children. Reading bedtime stories to children is an excellent way to relax their minds before going to bed. It helps them to engage in a totally different world and relieves them from anxiety.

bedtime Stories Are Important As They Grow Imagination Power of kids
bedtime Stories Are Important As They Grow Imagination Power (Image 1)

Parents lead very busy lives. They are always juggling work and home lives. Finding quality time with their children can sometimes be a big challenge. Reading bedtime stories can help parents spend some quality time with children before they end their day. Bedtime story reading sessions can give both the parents and children a chance to strengthen their relations and bond with each other. During reading time, parents and children get to interact and engage in conversations that they may not have otherwise. While listening to bedtime stories children get curious and ask a lot of questions. This is a great opportunity for parents to tell their children to better understand what is going on in the world using the story and its characters.

Most children enjoy listening to stories that they find interesting. Parents can make storytelling more interesting with the help of facial expressions and hand movements. To make bedtime stories interesting and fun, parents can ask children to choose the story. Parents can do different voices for multiple characters. They can ask their children questions to check if they understand and make the story more interactive. Children’s books are mostly illustrated and contain pictures. Parents can ask their children what they think is happening in the pictures as they read. Most importantly, to make storytelling more interesting and amusing children and parents should enjoy the book and time spent together.

Bedtime stories are important as they help grow the imagination power of kids and can mould children’s personalities and thoughts. They can inculcate life skills such as honesty, courage, respect, empathy, generosity, etc. Stories can be inspiring and can motivate children to be successful and good human beings.

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