By : Supriya Deep

Amitav Ghost by Supriya Deep is an extraordinary story that encapsulates a new approach to seeing GHOST. Indeed, the write-up is rightly conveyed to its readers by the author and they also feel connected to the plot of this book. In today’s world when everything has become more challenging and struggling for the people everywhere then by reading this book our souls are for sure refreshed. The plot is though challenging but the way the story of the book is narrated by the author is impeccable.

The incidents when unfolding in the story make the readers more interested in the plot and the thrilling experiences are also intriguing for the reading people. The write-up is told in a very beautiful manner which is organized and well-ingrained in the plot. The author has penned down her thoughts in a very special way that is indeed appreciable and this book is worth reading. I enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend everyone to read it. The close connection with the readers is established by the author through the story told in her book.

Though the characters in the narrative are presented with a twist, however, the unity of the plot makes these characters, more believable. I started reading the book and couldn’t leave it till I reached the end of the book. The amusement and amazement of the story do not leave the reader until the end of the book and the unpredictable events of the write-up are well-crafted by the author in the book. The story of Priyakshee is brought forth by the author in an amazing way which makes the readers look for more in the book by its readers. This indeed makes the story to possess one in your books set. Yes, I was happy in reading this book and I want everyone to go through it and appreciate the work of the author.

Happy Reading!!!