For Book lover their are many website where they can read News and Reviews related to books, novels and authors. Goodreads is the biggest known brand if any wants to read review or give reviews. Here we have bought you 9 Alternatives Of Goodreads.


9 Alternatives Of Goodreads
9 Alternatives Of Goodreads (1)

Gobookmart is a online media company designed for book lovers. The website publishes articles on many different topics, such as the best books in a month, best list of books in a particular genre, etc. Gobookmart is planning to open it’s libraries in many major cities of India soon.


9 Alternatives Of Goodreads
9 Alternatives Of Goodreads (2)

On LibraryThing is large site which relatively similar to goodreads. Users on LibraryThing can catalogue books and get recommendations based on what they have read. It also has a social feature that allows users to search each other’s catalogs and start discussions about them, so the users can participate in group discussions and see featured authors and new books.

The Storygraph  

9 Alternatives Of Goodreads
9 Alternatives Of Goodreads (3)

The Storygraph virtual book tracking social network. Users can follow other users and be followed. Users can connect with like-minded readers. There are surveys for users to allow the site to get to know them and recommend books. Users can add books to their list and also assign customizable tags. As The Storygraph gets to know users better it’ll be able to recommend books that fit their tastes.


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Libib allows users to catalog more than just their books. Users on Libib can also keep track of their movies, music, and video games. Libib has an limit of 100,000 items to catalog. Users can create a searchable profile so that they can be discovered by other members. Libib also has a messaging system that is similar to Twitter posts to start discussions.


9 Alternatives Of Goodreads
9 Alternatives Of Goodreads (5)

aNobii allows users to create a profile after registering and connects them to their blog. After doing that users can add a library of books that they have read or want to read. They can find other users by joining groups and discussions. They can read reviews, discover new authors, or write their own reviews. In their library, they can rate and organize books into different categories.


9 Alternatives Of Goodreads
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Riffle offers users to shelve and recommend books. Users can find or write reviews or just rate books that they have read. Members can participate and connect with each other by adding books to their shelves, making lists, posting questions and reviews.


9 Alternatives Of Goodreads

Book Likes is a blog. Book Likes lets users discover books by engaging with book blogs and the reviews that they or the users write. Users can also shelve and tag books according to their reading statuses, such as have read, planning to read, or currently reading. They can also rate as many books as they want to put on their virtual shelf. On Book Likes users can also connect with other readers, writers, reviewers, or bloggers.



BookSloth is the social network that is most similar to Goodreads. BookSloth has book tracking, rating, reviewing, and also monthly challenges and achievements to help users increase their reading.BookSloth focuses on recommendations and new book releases. Users can also connect with other members. Readers get the latest news of books and are also keep a to be read (TBR) list.



BookTrib is a book cataloging site. It offers in-depth articles about every subject and every genre. Along with the review, the website pairs their books with content that is written about them. They also offer members of the website opportunities such as live chats with authors, sneak peek of books, and weekly book giveaways.

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