Children can develop good reading habits at home even before they learn to read. However, encouraging children to read can be a challenge. That is why we have selected 8 ways to make children fond of reading books. These ways will inculcate reading habit in them. While there are some children who have natural love for reading, there are other children who may find reading difficult or simply boring. Many young children struggle with reading. It might be because they are missing foundational skills or they have trouble sitting down with a book for longer for longer periods of time. Just because a child is reluctant to read does not indicate he or she cannot learn to enjoy it.

Reading for pleasure has many benefits for children as they go through school and into adulthood. In today’s world, where so much of the communication takes place digitally, over email and text messages, reading is vital for children as reading gives them the ability to understand and to communicate effectively. According to many researchers, reading improves performances in writing, listening and other school subjects. Other benefits of reading include improvement of vocabulary and language skills, developing children’ imagination, helps develop empathy, improves concentration and teaches children about the world around them. Here are 8 ways to make children fond of reading books.

8 Ways To Make Child Fond Of Reading Books
Reading with children

Read To Them

Try to read to children everyday at least once. The more children are exposed to literature, the more they will be fond of reading and it will become a part of their daily life. Reading introduces children to new information and concepts with every story. Reading can be made exciting by using different voices for each character and an expressive voice for dramatic parts. Both parents and children can take turns reading aloud together, choosing a character they will each provide a voice for. This is one of the most effective ways to make children fond of reading

Offer Them Books Of Different Genre

Offer children different genres of books to read. There are many other genres to consider: graphic novels, comic books, biographies and non-fiction books. There are even children’s magazines to encourage a child to read. Even newspaper is a great material for reading.

Have Them Listen To Audiobooks

Children who find reading difficult or boring, for them audio books are a great alternative to make reading more enjoyable. Audio books can help children improve their comprehension skills. When children hear someone read a book confidently, it is a great way for them to experience fluency, which is the ability to read a text accurately, swiftly, and with good expression. Children will acquire good vocabulary and comprehension strategies.

Gift Them Books

Gift children books and even encourage them to gift books to their friends and family. While gifting the book, you can inscribe it so that the recipient can know why the book you are gifting is special. Children will understand that books are a great way to connect with others. You can even ask others to gift your children books in case they are gifting them anything. This way you can make child fond of reading books

Regularly Visit Local Library

Library is a great place for everyone to explore new books and authors. Visits to the library will give children a chance to develop good reading habits and they might even see other children doing the same thing. Take advantage of the wide selection of books available at the local library by letting children pick choose a book that catches their attention.

Provide Them A Comfortable Place Where They Can Read

Create a reading space or nook for your child. The reading space does not have to be big or have numerous bookshelves. It can be a corner of the couch or a chair in the room where your child sleeps. Pick a comfy spot that has sufficient light and room to keep books so that your child can connect reading with coziness and comfort. Reading nook can be an area or fort where children can read and relax on their own. The reading space can have blankets, pillows, and a variety of books to help children read comfortably whenever they have the urge to read.

Find Material For Their Respected Age

It is important to help children choose age-appropriate books on topics that interest them and spark a passion for reading. This can be done by taking them to the library or providing them with e-readers. If children have access to a wide-variety of options it makes it easier for parents to help their children find the stories that make them embrace the world of reading.

Schedule Daily Reading Time For Them

Read every day to children even if it is for only a few minutes. This will help them make daily reading an important part of each day. Soon, children will look forward to this reading time. Parents can also schedule reading hour, each day for children to sit down and read a chapter of a book. During the reading hour, parents can talk to their children about what is happening in the book, what their favorite part was, and what they think will happen next, etc. Scheduling daily reading time will also inculcate habit of reading books daily. Probably the best ways to make children fond of reading books and ensure they like reading even when you are not around.

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