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7 Thriller Books to Read in Winter Nights

By nandini

Every reader waits for the winter to arrive so that they can settle themselves with a huge mug of coffee or tea and spend the night reading a thrilling novel that will keep them up all night. Here is a list of 7 thriller books to read in winter nights.

The Snow Child – Eowyn Ivey

7 thriller books to read in winter nights – The Snow Child

Jack and Mabel childless couple they are almost drifting apart – he stressing under work pressure and she getting consumed by solitude and despair. In a moment of joy they build a kid out of the snow – the next morning they can’t find the snow but there is a little blonde-haired girl named Faina. She hunts with a red fox as her companion and survives unaccompanied in the wilds of Alaska. Jack and Mable start loving her as their daughter but eventually, things about Faina will alter them.

The Witch Hunter – Max Seeck

The Witch Hunter

A best-selling writer’s spouse has been found dead in a beautiful black gown, the horrifying feature was her pale frozen face with a ghastly smile. Jessica Niemi the investigator realizes that it is not a single killer but many believe in a certain form of witchcraft. They always know every move of Jessica and are always a step ahead. What will happen to Jessica is the most fascinating part of the story?

In the Bleak Midwinter – Julia Spencer-Fleming

7 thriller books to read in winter nights – In the Bleak Midwinter

St. Alban’s new priest Clare Fergusson is not only a conventional ‘lady’ but she is a stern ex-army chopper pilot. Then a newborn infant who was left at the church door gets her familiar with Russ Van Alstyne, the town’s Police Chief. But the case leads to a lot of mystery, murder and discloses their attraction towards each other.

The Snowman – Jo Nesbø

The Snowman

In the year 1980, a married woman gets involved in illegitimate sex with a lover while her adolescent son waits for her in the car. Their intimacy gets disturbed as they feel that they are being watched but it turns out to be just a tall snowman. After 24 years, Harry Hole, a Norwegian police inspector investigates a string of assassins of women. The only two common things that were found in two of the cases were both of them were married and the snowman.

Icebound – Dean Koontz

7 thriller books to read in winter nights – Icebound

This book was initially published under the pseudonym of David Axton, in the year 1976. The story is focused on a group of scientists who are engaged in a project of dragging an iceberg to be utilized as a release for droughts. It is guided by the couple Rita and Harold Carpenter. Due to an unexpected storm, the group becomes isolated on the iceberg with bombs under them. A Russian submarine is trying to save them but at the same time, one of the scientists is in secret a killer who has his plan.

Winterkill – C. J. Box


Joe Pickett makes his journey through the rough mountains of Wyoming to find a murderer but the story takes a petrifying turn when his foster daughter is abducted.

Winter Garden – Kristin Hannah

7 thriller books to read in winter nights – Winter Garden

Meredith and Nina are as opposite as sisters can be – one stayed at home to take care of the family and the other roams the world to grow as a renowned photojournalist. But as their father fall sick, they reunited again beside their judgmental mother Anya, who never comforted and still does not comfort her daughters. The only association between the sisters and their mother was a Russian fairy tale that she sometimes used to tell them as their bedtime story. The father on his deathbed extracts the promise of sharing the story once again. Thus, the sisters later in the story got to know about the terrifying story of their mother’s life.

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