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7 Deadly Monsters in Chinese Mythology

7 Deadly Monsters in Chinese Mythology

Chinese civilization is one of the oldest human civilizations out there. Like every civilization, the Chinese civilization too has had certain religions and beliefs which have given rise to many myths. These myths have been carried forward and passed down by oral orientation like stories, folklore, poems, etc. Many important aspects of Chinese mythology have also been passed upon by the medium of books, painting, etc. These myths belong to different ages and eras of the Chinese civilization. The myths consist of stories, folklore and poems which feature numerous mythical heroes and monsters. So, here is a list of 7 deadly monsters in Chinese Mythology you must know about.

Bai Ze

7 Deadly Monsters in Chinese Mythology – Bai Ze

‘Bai Ze’ is a mythical figure which appears in both Japanese and Chinese Myths. The word ‘Bai Ze’ literally means “White Marsh” in English. It is said that ‘Bai Ze’ is a cow-like appearing mythical monster in the Chinese mythology. It is believed that the mythical monster was killed by Huáng Dì (Yellow Emperor). The Emperor also wrote the description of all 11,520 types of supernatural and mythical creatures of the world. These descriptions were written down in a book called ‘Bái Zé Tú’. But unfortunately this book no longer exists. 



Feng aka Taisui, Rouzhi is a very controversial mythical figure in the Chineses myths. Feng has a long list of names by which this mythical creature has been referred to in different eras or time periods. Generally monsters eat man but Feng is believed to be an edible monster. It is believed that the edible monster is a lump of meat with two eyes. However, the mythical creature grows back as fast as it is being eaten.


7 Deadly Monsters in Chinese Mythology – Bashe

Bashe is said to be one of the most dangerous and deadly female monsters of the Chinese mythological. According to the Chinese myths, Bashe is believed to be a python-like mythical creature. This Chinese mythology monster was so dangerous that she even ate elephants. Just imagine a snake who can eat an elephant, can cause what kind of damage to humans.



‘Huodou’ is a legendary character from Chinese myths. The mythical character originated from South China. According to the popular belief, it is a large Black Dog who possesses the ability to emit fire from its mouth. Huodou’s ability of breaking out fire almost demonized the tribal symbol of South China as the mythical dog was often seen as a symbol of fire (ominous symbol).


7 Deadly Monsters in Chinese Mythology – Jiangshi

Many people think that Vampires are a modernized form of demons which have been used in movies, tv shows, comics, books and novels. However, this isn’t true. Many myths and beliefs have mentioned creators that appear like Vampire. The Chinese myths too have their own version of Vampire which are called ‘Jiangshi’. They are also known as the Chinese hopping vampire and have been mentioned in several Chinese folklore and legends.

Ox-Head and Horse-Face

Ox-Head and Horse-Face

These mythical creatures are called ‘Ox-Head and Horse-Face’ as it’s believed that they are two men with heads of animals. While one has the head of an ‘Ox’, the other has the face of a ‘Horse’. ‘Ox-Head and Horse-Face’ are said to be the guardians of the underworld in the Chinese mythology. The mythical figures also find a place in the Japanese myths. Talking about the Chinese myths, ‘Ox-Head and Horse-Face’ appear in ‘Journey to the West’ (a classic Chinese novel).


7 Deadly Monsters in Chinese Mythology – Nian

This monster can be a true party spoiler for any individual. It is believed that Nian hunts people and every year enjoys a feast by hunting down humans on the 1st day of the New Year. ‘Nian’ is another deadly monster in Chinese Mythology. The mythical creature is a deadly man-eating monster. According to myths the man-eater is scared of red color, loud noise and fire. This is the reason that crackers are burnt all night, doors are decorated with lamps and red color decorative.

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