If one of your new year’s resolutions was to expand your reading horizons, and you’ve not been able to do that then this list is the perfect place to start. No matter what kind of reading goals you have set for 2021, this list of 5 Best Books Released in January 2021 will help you.

Lore by Alexandra Bracken

Lore is a novel by New York Times best-selling author Alexandra Bracken. Lore was published on 5 January 2021. Lore is a dynamic tale of power, destiny, love and redemption. Lore is a complex mythology based on a fantasy. For a week every seven years, Greek gods have to walk the earth as mere mortals as their punishment for past rebellions. They call this period of seven days the Agon. The Gods are hunted down by the descendants of ancient Greek heroes, as they are keen to kill a god and seize their divine powers and immortality. Once the Agon ends, the hunters and their family reap the benefits of their god’s power.

Then there is Lore, who is 17 years old and is a descendant of the Greek hero Perseus. As she is the last of her bloodline she has gone through great lengths to remove herself from the brutality of the Agon, because in the last Agon her entire family was viciously murdered by a rival bloodline led by Wrath. When the Agon begins again in the New York City, Athena who is one of the last remaining Gods, knocks on Lore’s door seeking her help to survive the Agon. In exchange for her help Athena promises to kill Wrath, their common enemy. Wrath wants to slaughter all other gods and inherit their powers and bring humanity to its knees. Lore’s world is a violent but enthralling place. Alexandra Bracken’s well drawn characters drive the narrative in this ambitious reimagination of Greek mythology.

Outlawed by Anna North

Outlawed is a western novel by American writer Anna North. This book was published on 5 January 2021. Outlawed is a provoking blend of alternate history and feminism. The story is about Ada. On her wedding she was happy, she loved her husband and she loved working as an apprentice to her mother, who is a respected midwife. However, after a year of marriage and no pregnancy her life has changed. She lives in a town where barren women are rejected by their husbands and are hanged as witches. As Ada struggles to conceive nothing can save her and her only chance for survival is leaving everything she knows behind and joining the infamous Hole in the Wall Gang, which is a band of mostly female misfits who were outlawed.

The Gang is led by a mysterious man, The Kid, who is a preacher turned robber. The Kid and his gang are determined to create a haven for women. To do this the gang comes up with a dangerous plan that might get them all killed. Now, Ada has to decide if she is willing to risk her life and make it to her dream of becoming a midwife. Outlawed may sound like ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ but Anna North has created her own realm that is very different. Ada is a courageous and determined heroine. Outlawed is a thrilling, page turning story about having hope when faced with death.

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

The Wife Upstairs is a story with a twist on a Gothic classic by Rachel Hawkins. The book was published on 5 January 2021. The Wife Upstairs is a 21st century Jane Erye twisted into a domestic thriller. The story is set in Birmingham, Alabama. Jane is a broke dog walker working in Thornfield Estates, which is a gated community full of mansions, shiny SUVs and bored housewives. While dog walking one day, Jane meets Eddie Rochester. Eddie Rochester, a widow, is the most mysterious resident of the Thornfield Estates. His wife Bea and her best friend drowned in a boating accident.

When Jane meets Eddie she sees an opportunity and soon the only dog she is walking is her own. As they fall for each other, Jane is haunted by Eddie’s former wife Bea. The story begins from Jane’s perspective but Hawkins flips the narration more than once and switches up to who we the readers get each section of the story from. The Wife Upstairs keeps the readers glued to the pages. Rachel Hawkins has said that, ” Twisting Jane Eyre’s famous love triangle into a domestic thriller set in contemporary South is easily the most fun I have had as a writer.”

The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly

The Last Garden in England is from the author Julia Kelly. It was published on 21 January 2021. The Last Garden in England is a touching and heart wrenching story of five women in three eras, whose lives are tied together by a very special garden, from the famed Highbury House estate. In the present day there is Emma Lovett, who is dedicated to her career of restoring long neglected gardens. She is given the opportunity of a lifetime to restore the gardens of the Highbury House estate, which were designed in 1907 by her hero Venetia Smith. In 1907, Venetia Smith is a garden designer to industrialists, solicitors and bankers. She is hired to design the gardens of Highbury House and she is determined to make the garden her great work of art.

However, the gardens and the people she meets, change her life forever. Then in 1944, there is a girl named Beth Pedley, who arrives at a farm on the outskirts of the village of Highbury and all she wants is to find a place she can call home. On the other hand there is Stella Adderton, a cook at Highbury House who is desperate to leave to pursue her dreams. Widow Diana Symonds, the mistress of Highbury House is trying very hard to hold on to her pre-war life as her house has been turned into a hospital for wounded soldiers. When the war threatens to destroy the Highway House’s treasured gardens, these three different women are united by a secret that will last for decades. The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly is historical fiction at it’s best.

The Push by Ashley Audrain

This is superbly written and difficult to put down. The story follows Blythe, who is navigating parenthood as a lady in a line of mothers with dysfunctional behaviour set off or triggered by having a child. At the point when her experiences raising her daughter do not match her husband or on what parenthood should be, she started questioning herself and her world.

The Push addresses many triggering topics. As a mother who experienced post-partum psychological instability and defeated it. This was a strangely satisfying book to peruse toward the start, it was validated. At the point when the book transformed into a thriller, it was done radically enough that I was unable to isolate my encounters from the story. It was then a thrilling ride. I loved it. Ashley is a skilled author and I can hardly wait for another novel.