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10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics: We have an endless amount of sidekicks thanks to Marvel and DC. An auxiliary figure to the main protagonist is called a sidekick. He or she will acquiesce to the main partner. This does not imply that a sidekick is a helper or a lackey. It’s an elegant mantel. You have to take on a lot of responsibilities when you’re a sidekick. Sidekicks have occasionally proven to be a constant in various storylines. But it doesn’t mean they do not rebel; there have been instances where the two have gotten into little scrapes. In pairs like War Machine and Iron Man, Batman and Robin, the mentor and his protege are a force to be reckoned with. Ten of the greatest Marvel and DC superhero sidekicks will be discussed in this post.

Donna Troy, Wonder Woman (DC)

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics – Donna Troy, Wonder Woman (DC)

The comparison between Donna Troy and Wonder Woman is often made. The two have different personalities but comparable magical abilities. In her tale arcs, she goes by the names Wonder Girl, Troia, and Darkstar. In her initial period, Donna Troy resembled Wonder Woman. Among the most convoluted side-kick tales in DC is hers. Donna Troy has been retconned numerous times to appease fans for a very long time. She has been Wonder Woman’s sister, a child slave, and even a space cop. But each time, she has come out as a committed lady who embodies the Amazonian ideal.

Krypto the Superdog, Superman (DC)

Krypto the Superdog, Superman (DC)

Since the annihilation of Krypton, Krypto has been guarding infant Kal-El. Krypto, like his best friend Superman, is a Kryptonian dog with steel-biting prowess. Since the beginning of time, the two have battled evil. He shares his mentor’s superpowers, including flying and the recognizable red cape. The cliché, “just a man with his dog against the evil world,” best captures the bond between Superman and Krypto.

Barbara Gordon, Batgirl (DC)

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics – Barbara Gordon, Batgirl (DC)

Commissioner James Gordon, one of Gotham’s most honorable men, is the father of Barbara Gordon. But Barbara became famous for being the first Batgirl. Babs, who is most known for her role in The Killing Joke (1988), received a shot to the spine from the Clown Prince of Crime. Before this catastrophe struck, Barbara had left her sidekick position. Her resolve was unaffected by the paralysis. Babs received the best training of any DC sidekicks and went on to become The Oracle, a crucial computer aide. Barbara Gordon took on the identity of a mysterious superhero aiding the heroes in Suicide Squad.

Speedy, Green Arrow (DC)

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics – Speedy, Green Arrow (DC)

Speedy has consistently demonstrated his effectiveness as Green Arrow’s sidekick, from the original Speedy, Roy Harper, through Mia Dearden. Speedy is Green Arrow’s legal partner in both lawsuits, in addition to being a loyal sidekick. Unlike Mia Dearden, who was adopted from the streets, Roy Harper was a legal ward. Speedy has consistently provided his mentor with a variety of Trick Arrows. You could argue Robin is to Batman what Speedy is to Arrow.

Sun Girl, Human Torch (MARVEL)

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics – Sun Girl, Human Torch (MARVEL)

Together with Human Torch, Sun Girl battled crime straight out of the Golden Age. She worked as Jim Hammond’s secretary under the name Mary Mitchell at first. She is an unusual example since she fell in love with Jim, her tutor. Sun Girl bravely fought Human Torch using her training in acrobats, Judo, and Jutsu. She has also aided Human Torch in major exposure operations, such as exposing Timmy Jordan’s insurance fraud and exonerating Robert Dammer of murder charges.

Hit Girl, Kick-Ass (MARVEL)

Hit Girl, Kick-Ass (MARVEL)

The 11-year-old girl known as Hit-Girl is notorious for using force to fight crime and using profane language. Not exactly a good example for young people, but Kick-Ass’ excellent sidekick. She debuted in Kick-Ass and is also recognized as Mindy Macready. When a mob lord named John Genovese orchestrated the Genovese struggle, Hit-vigilante Girl’s father perished. After using Kick-Ass to exact revenge on her father, Hit-Girl rose to fame as a renowned crime-fighting sidekick.

Dick Grayson, Batman (DC)

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics – Dick Grayson, Batman (DC)

When you hear sidekick, Robin comes to mind. Robin, also referred to as the Boy Wonder, has accompanied Batman everywhere he goes. There have been several Robins since 1940, but Dick Grayson is perhaps the most well-known of them all. Dick is the first Robin; he is a circus orphan whom Batman adopted legitimately. He is skilled in acrobatics, and his suit functioned as a disguise for him to avoid being shot. In his early years, Batman and Dick were inseparable. Dick isn’t simply a skilled acrobat; he’s also the most intelligent DC character overall and the best detective in the Bat-family.

Bucky Barnes, Captain America (MARVEL)

Bucky Barnes, Captain America (MARVEL)

James Buchanan Barnes is affectionately referred to as Bucky Barnes. He debuted in Captain America as a veteran of World War II. While enlisted in the military, Bucky encounters Private Steven Rogers. He unexpectedly learns that Rogers is Captain America and insists on going with him. He and Rogers triumphantly defeated the Nazis as his devoted sidekick, Captain America. During World War II, Bucky perished while fighting with his master. In Captain America, Bucky was retconned as the Winter Soldier, a resurrected Soviet assassin. Other than that, Bucky has taken on the role of his mentor since Captain America was killed. Bucky is frequently seen as Robin’s finest sidekick’s rival. His service in the war against the Nazis is still unmatched.

Wong, Doctor Strange (MARVEL)

10 Popular Sidekicks in Marvel and DC Comics – Wong, Doctor Strange (MARVEL)

In 1963, Strange Tales featured Wong for the first time. However, Wong was originally used in Strange Tales. As an Asian manservant or sidekick, Wong was well-recognized. Despite being a skilled martial artist, he has primarily acted as Stephen’s valet. Wong sometimes, however, has a strong reputation as a sidekick who will go above and above to defend Sorcerer Supreme. As in 2015’s The Last Days of Magic, where Stephen felt the suffering of others. He received a merited place in the film Doctor Strange. Stephen Strange was spotted learning sorcery from him. Wong’s character arc in Marvel is a breakthrough as he goes from an Asian caricature to a poster child for advancement.

War Machine, Iron Man (MARVEL)

War Machine, Iron Man (MARVEL)

An instance where the sidekick is a close buddy. Iron Man’s most reliable friend is James Rupert Rhodey. Rhodey was adopted by Tony Stark when they crossed paths in Vietnam. He is not only a supporter; he also stepped in for Iron Man while Tony was struggling with his alcoholism. Rhodey is dressed in his firepower-added, occasionally upgraded suit. Rhodes is a great friend who serves as both Iron Man’s pilot and emotional compass.

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