Reading fiction is a great way to escape reality but reading autobiographies can be a great source of inspiration. Autobiographies are candid and authors do not shy away from speaking their truth, talking about the struggles, failures and triumphs of life. People are always invested in the life of celebrities. There are some celebrities who have penned some honest and witty autobiographies for readers. Here are 10 most popular celebrity autobiographies.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is an actress, comedian, writer, producer and director. She gained recognition by starring as Kelly Kapoor in the famous sit-com ‘The Office’. In her 2011 bestselling book. ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?’, Kaling writes about her ascent in Hollywood. She recounts her life from a shy and bookish daughter of immigrants to the youngest writer on the staff of the hit sit-com ‘The Office’. In the book Mindy Kaling gives her readers a tour of her life and tells her readers about her observations on romance, friendship and Hollywood. So we chose he book as most popular celebrity autobiographies.

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fischer

Carrie Fischer is an actress and writer best known for playing Princess Leia in the famous Star Wars franchise. Wishful Drinking an autobiography of Carrie Fischer is full of humor. In her book Fischer tells a true and intoxicating story of her life with wit. In the autobiography Fischer talks about playing Princess Leia at the age of 19, demands of her career and working as a single mother. She also talks about battling addiction, manic depression and her stays at various mental institutions.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

For obvious reason this book is among our list of most popular celebrity autobiographies. Michelle Obama is the former First Lady of the United States, attorney and author. In her book, ‘Becoming’ published in 2018, Michelle Obama talks about her personal experiences, her roots, how she found her voice, her time in the White House and her role as a mother. She talks about her triumphs and disappointments, both in public and private, with honesty and wit. ‘Becoming’ is the story of one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era.

Lessons Life Taught Me, Unknowingly: An Autobiography by Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher is an actor who is the recipient of two National Film Awards. In his autobiography ‘Lessons Life Taught Me, Unknowingly’, Kher gives his readers extraordinary behind-the-scenes revelations, anecdotes and some life lessons. The book is full of drama, comedy, romance and action, just like a Bollywood film. This book tells the true story of a young man who seeked out his dream to be on the big screen.

And Then One Day by Naseeruddin Shah

In his autobiography ‘And Then One Day’, Naseeruddin Shah talks about his extraordinary journey from a feudal hamlet near Meerut to film stardom in Mumbai.’And Then One Day’ is a story written with honesty and humor. Naseeruddin Shah in his autobiography recounts his struggle to earn through acting, his experiments with the craft, his love affairs, his early marriage, his success and failures.

Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Unfinished is an autobiography by an actress, producer, activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In her autobiography, Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares the exceptional story of her life. In this book she talks about her life both on camera and off camera. From her childhood to winning a pageant to her career in Bollywood, she leaves nothing unsaid. She also talks about her life and the strange realities of being famous and living in the public eye.

Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, & Advice for Living Your Best Life   by Ali Wong

Ali Wong is a stand-up comedian, actress and writer. She is best known for her Netflix stand-up specials Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife. ‘Dear Girls’ book is written as letters to her daughters. In this book she passes on wisdom about dating, family, her cultural upbringing, and being a mother in a delightfully absurd way. She recounts and shares the wisdom she learned from her life in comedy and reveals stories from her life off-stage, including the single life in New York, reconnecting with her roots in Vietnam, stories of being a wild child growing up in San Francisco, and parenting war stories. Though addressed to her daughters, Ali Wong’s letters are absurdly funny, surprisingly moving for all.

My Life So Far by Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is an Academy Award-winning actress, political activist, environmentalist, feminist, wife, workout guru and role model. In her autobiography, Fonda shows her readers that she is much more than that. From her youth among Hollywood’s elite to her film career and her activism today, Fonda reveals all the details and personal truths. The autobiography is candid and wonderfully written. My Life So Far by Jane Fonda is a story of the personal struggles of a woman living a remarkable life.

The Soul Of A Butterfly by Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a professional boxer, activist, entertainer and philanthropist. He wrote his autobiography in collaboration with his daughter Hana Yasmeen Ali. In this book Ali reflects on topics such as moral courage to belief in God and respect for those who differ from us. There is a chapter in the book that is written entirely by his daughter, Hana. In this chapter, she shares her experience with her father, and reflects upon what she means to him and what she has learned from him. This book will inspire readers. The Soul of a Butterfly is a compassionate and heartfelt autobiography.

Moonwalk by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a singer, song-writer and a dancer. Moonwalk is the only book Michael Jackson ever wrote about his life. The book follows his beginnings in the Midwest, his early days with the Jackson 5, and his unprecedented solo success. The book gives insights into the King of Pop’s life. It also details his songwriting process and describes how he developed his signature dance style, including the Moon Walk. He also talks about his personal relationships with his family. The book is candid, as in this book Jackson talks openly about his remarkable career and the isolation that comes with fame. Moonwalk also contains rare photographs from Jackson family albums and Michael’s personal photographic archives, as well as a drawing done by Michael exclusively for the book. The book celebrates the life of Michael Jackson.

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