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10 Most Anticipated Horror Novels of September 2022

10 Most Anticipated Horror Novels of September 2022

This year we have seen many good horror novels which have made waves in readers. September is the last month of the third quarter and this month’s upcoming novels won’t disappoint you. Here we have listed down 10 Most Anticipated Horror Novels of September 2022.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is a Novel by the ‘King of Horror’ himself. There is a lot of excitement about the Stephen King horror. It’s a dark fantasy novel which revolves around a 17 Year old high school kid ‘Charlie Reade’. He is a decent student but good at baseball and football. His mom died in a road accident and because of that his father started drinking. Charlie meet Howard Bowditch, when Mr. Bowditch died he left him with lots of gold and a house from which strange sounds use to emerge, as it seemed like some creature was trying to escape.

Ghost Eaters

Ghost Eaters – 10 Most Anticipated Horror Novels of September 2022

Ghost Eaters is one of the most awaited horror novels of writer, ‘Clay McLeod Chapman’. The story focuses on Erin, a college student who’s in love with Silas. Silas is a reckless and charismatic guy. Who is looking to achieve something high in his life and discovers a drug which allows him to see the dead. But eventually he dies because of overdose, and Erin discovered about the drug. She never believed in the drug but to ease her pain and guilt she took the help of the drug. But after taking the drug her life changed forever. Even after getting back to normal see unable to get over it and sees ghost all around her. Will she be able to come over her nightmare?

We Spread

We Spread

The horror suspense novel is written by ‘Iain Reid’, which focuses on the primary character ‘Penny’. Penny is an artist who has been living in the same apartment for decades. It had become tough for her to take care of herself in her aging state, as her long-time partner had died years ago. Because of her ageing state some arrangements were made for her stay in a unique long term care residence. She settles in there with ease and even started painting again. However, with time she started to lose control over the passage of time, places and even people around her. Are these just an effect of her old age or is it something more mysterious?

The Butcher

The Butcher – 10 Most Anticipated Horror Novels of September 2022

The Butcher is an intense horror novel written by ‘Laura Kat Young’, where 18-year-old girl, ‘Lady Mae’ who is now ready to take over her mother’s job of a butcher. Lady Mae’s mother gets murdered in her own living room when she refuses to butcher a child. Within 24 hours Lady Mae has to start her new journey as a butcher. But there’s a plot twist, when she comes across her mother’s murderer. Will she take vengeance or run away from her past?



Its a Science Fiction Horror novel written by ‘Hiron Ennes’. The book starts with the mysterious death of a doctor at an isolated Chateau. The institute sent a replacement doctor who’s having a mystery to solve. He finds that something is ‘off’ about the place. If you are looking for a different, complicated and mysterious read, do give this book a read.

House of Hunger

House of Hunger – 10 Most Anticipated Horror Novels of September 2022

House of Hunger is a Horror novel written by ‘Alexis Henderson’. The novel talks about a young women, ‘Marion Shaw’ who has lived a life in poverty and has been raised in  the slums. She wants to escape the hardships of city life but finds no way out. Lately she discovers an ad in a newspaper which says, “WANTED – Bloodmaid of exceptional taste. Must a keen proclivity for life’s finer pleasure. Girls of weak will need not apply.” Although she had heard about the far North norms where she need to travel in the hope of changing her destiny. Eventually Marion becomes the newest bloodmaid at The House of Hunger. Soon she realises about her fellow bloodmaids who were missing. This makes her come to terms with the rules and reality of The House of Hunger. She understands the need to learn about the rules of the place before she goes missing.

Gallows Hill

Gallows Hill

Gallows Hill Winery has been owned by the Hull’s family for generations. They are working, living and growing famous grapes on the beautiful ground. However one night everything is changed when Mr. Hull and Mrs. Hull when for sleep at night and were found dead in the morning. Margor (Daughter of Mr and Mrs Hull) became the owner of the business, but wants nothing to do with it. Locals talk about rumours and say “the place is cursed”. It is believed that “winery” is built on a field where many convicts were hanged once. Today after many years of staying away, Margot is now alone in the sprawling, dilapidated building. She began to think that the curse of “house that never rests” is real and she is the next victim.

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke And Other Misfortunes

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke And Other Misfortunes

The ‘Eric LaRocca’ written horror novel is a collection of short stories. It contains three beautifully written dark and disturbing horror stories. The first story is about two lonely young women in an internet chat room in the early 2000’s and a darkness of their horrific desires that threats them forever and transforms their life.

In the second story writer talks about a couple who have isolated themselves on a remote island to recover from their teenage son’s death. Things take a turn when a stranger knocks on their door during a storm.

In the third story a man when discovers a strange object in his neighbour’s backyard and tries to confront him which draws him into more dangerous things.

Full Immersion

Full Immersion – 10 Most Anticipated Horror Novels of September 2022

Full Immersion is ‘Gemma Amor’s’ Novel, where the story begins with one misty morning when Magpie finds her own dead body in Bristol, which forces her to find the reality behind her unnatural death. On her journey of finding the truth she will discovers “the truth about her past, her potential and her future. Her journey will take her through technological innovations, multiple realities, experimental treatments and uncooked memories in a race against time and sanity. She will make a new companion who is both strange and familiar.

It Looks Like Us

It Looks Like Us – 10 Most Anticipated Horror Novels of September 2022

It is a Horror thriller by ‘Alison Ames’. In this thriller ‘Riley’ goes to Antarctica for a research trip in her winter break along with five other students. The main aim of the group is to prove that plastic pollution has reached all the way to Antarctica.  After a point Riley notices that the leader of their group ‘Greta’ is behaving in a strange manner and also snaps & tries to kill Riley.  She eventually realises that the camp has been infiltrated by something.

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