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10 Darkest Marvel Comics of All Time

10 Darkest Marvel Comics: Some fans criticise Marvel for not being dark like its arch rival DC. There is a notion among some fans that Marvel is all about light-hearted PG friendly entertaining characters and stories with a human touch to them. But that’s nothing more than a stereotype, as Marvel has some of the darkest comics. So do take a look at these wonderful dark comics.

King Hyperion

King Hyperion – 10 Darkest Marvel Comics

The Superman of Marvel, ‘Hyperion’ is the least talked about character in Marvel. This character has similar powers like Superman, but this character is not much talked about in the Marvel Universe. In one of the comics versions ‘Earth 4023’, Hyperion becomes the ruler of the planet and kills every superhero including superheroes like Thor and Hulk and later people of the planet destroy themselves with the help of nuclear power to get rid of his rule. This is one of the darkest comics of all time.

Hulk: The End

Hulk: The End

There can be no better character than the Hulk for creating a dark and intense comic. Over the years the Hulk has sobered down and has been shown in movies as a friendly gentle giant to some extent. Where his humour and comic timing is also utilized. But there is another side to this green monster which we should not forget. The super angry and dangerous Hulk. In the comics “Hulk: The End” which is written by Peter David. It features Hulk saving the Planet, which leads to an epic intense battle.

Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies – 10 Darkest Marvel Comics

As the name only suggests that something strange, creepy or horror is going on in this comics. This comics was written by Robert Kirkman and this comics lived on its reputation and name. The Marvel Zombies Featured a version of an alternate reality where superheroes have turned into zombies and show no mercy on each other while roaming on the streets in a hungry state. It was not everyone’s cup of tea to go through this creepy dark comics.

The Punisher: The End

The Punisher: The End

The writer of this comics is Garth Ennis who brings to us a hopeless universe in front of us through his comics. Which makes it a grim and uncomfortable read. In the story the character travels the world post World War 3. Where the world is in a miserable state. Where Punisher takes extreme ways to provide justice for humanity by going on a killing spare. Which eventually brings an end to the existence of the human race.

Spider Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do

Spider Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do

This dark piece was written by Kevin Smith. It is based on an investigation done by the heroes on cases related to a mutant. The comics represents how violence of any form, for any reason done, will create more violence in the world. It also deals with touchy topics like addiction, death because of overdose and sexual assault. It also peeps into the past of Black Cat, which maybe uncomfortable for few. Generally Spiderman comics are fun and easy going but this comics isn’t, it’s as dark as it can get.

Realm of Kings

Realm of Kings – 10 Darkest Marvel Comics

Its a demonic version written by Dan Abnett And Andy Lanning where cancerverce takes over the multiverse and evil takes over good. Here everything is ruled by the evil organic masses. This dark comics tries to create something like never before in the marvel universe.

“What if The Beast had Truly Become a Beast?”

“What if The Beast had Truly Become a Beast?”

This amazing comics is written by Alan Weiss. He creates a world of ‘what if’. Where he brings in a situation where X men turns into an animal and is unable to stop his mutation. This makes him unable to be in the society and is judged of his appearance. It gives a perspective on what would happen if the beast remains a beast and is unable to change himself.


Ultimatum – 10 Darkest Marvel Comics

This brilliant piece was written by Jeph Loeb. Its a revenge saga where characters go to extremes to take their revenge. It also shows the importance of family and how one can go to extremes for their loved ones and forget all the boundaries. This is one of the darkest comics of marvel where in the process of revenge the death tolls make everyone uncomfortable. We also see a human side of our superheroes where they reach a tipping point and breakdown.

Dark Ages

Dark Ages

This Tom Taylor comics by its name only suggests that it won’t be an easy read. In this series the planet was threatened by a cosmic being named Unmaker. To stop this force the superheroes had no other choice than to destroy all the electrical energy sources of the planet, which led to complete darkness and fear on the planet.

God of Thunder

God of Thunder – 10 Darkest Marvel Comics

It’s a 2012 comics by writer Jason Aaron where Thor who is the God Of Thunder becomes the King of Asgard in future. The versions shows the past present and future of Thor. But unfortunately after becoming King of Asgard Thot is left alone because all the other Gods are killed by Gorr.

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