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10 Comics For Squid Game Fans | Recommended Comics

By Pratiksha M

Squid Game has been grabbing a lot of attention these days. The show which was released on Netflix is being watched by many people around the world. Games, music and actors everything is talked about now a days. If you are someone who liked squid game, we have brought 10 comics for Squid Game fans to read. These recommended comics are of the same trope as Squid Game.


10 Comics For Squid Game Fans

This is a French graphic novel. It has been adapted into a movie also by the director Bong Joon-Ho. It is a sci-fi novel that has gained a lot of popularity. The book is set in a dystopian world where everything is covered in snow because of a climatic catastrophe. All the remaining survivors are hurled up into a train where they are divided by their economic status.


Comics For Squid Game Fans

The book was the inspiration for the hit game “Among Us”. It is a horror manga. The group of rabbits have to find a wolf among themselves. The Stakes are increased when the rabbits start dying one by one. Similar to the Squid Game participants have to be strategic in this novel also.

Battle Royale

10 Comics For Squid Game Fans

This Japanese manga has a cult following. In this the students of a school are required to kill each other for survival. In both Squid Game and Battle Royale the players go through different games and many stages of varying emotions.

Alice In Borderland

10 Comics For Squid Game Fans

The plot follows around three high school students as they are teleported to a new world which seemed newly struck by an apocalypse. The students then have to compete in several games. The survival game trope is similar to that of Squid Game. This manga was adapted into a Korean series.

Morning Glories

Comics For Squid Game Fans

This is an Image Mystery Comic series. This game takes place inside a boarding school. The plot follows around six students who decide to fight against the school. This results in fights among themselves. The quest for survival is similar to Squid Game.

Old Boy

Comics For Squid Game Fans

This comic has been adapted into a Korean film. This is the story of a man who is imprisoned for reason. But when he is finally freed he becomes vengeful and sets out to seek revenge and find the reasons behind his imprisonment. Although the premise of both the games is different the main characters of both the show and comic share similar shades as a character.


10 Comics For Squid Game Fans

The premise of this comic is that victims who lost their lives in a train accident are required to play a “semi posthumous” game. The un dead characters must compete in order to win back their lives. Both the characters of the show and this comics have some things which are at stake.

LIar Game

Comics For Squid Game Fans

Instead of violence competitors use mental tactics to outsmart other contestants and gain money. Every person must empty the other person’s bank account in order to win. The goal in both the games is financial gain.

Suicide Island

10 Comics For Squid Game Fans

It is set in the future, in a city in Japan. The Japanese Government is unable to keep its suicidal patients so it devised a sick plan. It forces all these people to live on an island in harsh conditions. The process of selection is the same in both games to an extent. Consent is asked in both games.

Blue Heaven

10 Comics For Squid Game Fans

It is a sea survival manga. This comic starts with a cruise trip in the middle of the ocean. Trouble starts when one by one each player starts dying. It is a race against time as they have to find who is behind all this.

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